Marantz SACD 30n

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a big step and purchase a Marantz SACD 30n for my system. Mated to my Marantz 40n integrated and KEF LS50 Meta speakers, this is one of the most musical systems I have ever owned. Totally in love with this SACD player. I don’t for a minute pretend to understand what’s going on inside this tank of component (it weighs over 30lbs.), but the sound it produces from SACD’s, CD’s, DVD data disks and it’s array of digital inputs (including DSD256 through its USB-B) is magic to my ears. Everything just sounds better. I’m using it as a hub for everything but my turntable, which is connected to the 40n. Will have to get some updated system photos.


I’ve also been a fan of this component when I’ve heard it. Pretty unique feature set to combine sacd player and streamer in one unit. And I find the built-in native Heos streaming app to be very solid.

I use a Marantz pm7000n (the super integrated model below 40n) in my work system and happy with it for the modest investment

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Not surprising given that in Japan spinning discs still have about 30% of the market ad Marantz have their own multi-disc spinner (as used by PS Audio).

This product range seems to have been a winner all round the audio world for price, performance and styling.

For the last 5 years Marantz seem to have ensured that these units include internal isolation so that the disc-spinning, streaming and other services do not compromise each other.

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Took a couple of days to sell my KI-Ruby units. There’s fairly demand in the used market regarding the previous design generation. ;0)

Anyone compare the sound of the Marantz Ruby to the 30n? I am curious how close they are, sound-wise, for CDs and SACDs.

There’s a gap, as you’d expect