Mark your calendars - America's return to the Moon!

Can’t get the AROW site to load properly. Is it adverse to Safari, I wonder?

Works on my iPad. Though I think it is busy sometimes - maybe too many users?


Loads on my iPad as well, but not the best user experience. I prefer viewing it with my (windows) gaming rig. It renders beautifully in Edge. I too suspect it is bandwidth hungry, which is why it occasionally bogs down.

Also works good on Firefox on a desktop and laptop PC. Amazing stuff really.

Artemis 1 is at the half-way point of the mission, cruising in lunar DRO as the engineering crew characterizes and calibrates the star tracker optical boresights, deliberately off-points the sun-facing aft surfaces to characterize the thermal control system, etc. Except for a brief 47 minute comm loss NASA was able to recover from quickly, the S/C has performed brilliantly.

Oh and the ‘red team guys’ have finally gotten the recognition they deserve for saving the launch.

Artemis Red Crew Team Helps Enable Successful Launch | NASA

Note Billy Cairns has been working the red team for 38 years. Well done gents, well done indeed.


Thanks again for keeping the thread alive. I have the Mission view as backdrop on my workstation. It’s a great destresser.

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I just bought the Artemis 1 mission patch. Think it’d be cool to start collecting the patches. Going to find out how many I can accumulate before I kick it.


Stayed up way too late last night reading about various concepts and rationale for moon habitats.

I tend to lean toward huge financial and brainpower commitments for un-manned deep space exploration but remain open minded.

How many of us would like to spend a few days on the moon as a tourist? I think it would be the absolutely coolest trip ever.

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Time to welcome Artemis 1 home! Splashdown @12:39 ET. USS Portland, LPD-27, is on station near Guadalupe Island to greet the spacecraft. NASA live coverage starts at 11:00 ET.

Artemis I – Flight Day 25: Orion in Home Stretch of Journey – Artemis (



Splashdown!!! Huge high five to everyone across the country involved in making this happen and our international partners.



A rather lengthy article jam packed with information. The Artemis project is akin to a massive Rubik’s Cube that requires careful planning and lots of funding. The net result: NASA probably won’t get the second launch ready until 2025, with the moon landing launch even later in time.


Orion’s been offloaded from USS Portland and is on its way to KSC for further processing. A beautiful thing to behold even with a charred surface from re-entry.

Artemis I Update: Orion Offloaded from USS Portland in Preparation for Transport to Kennedy Space Center – Artemis (

I hope when the NASA tech team has completed its examination of the spacecraft and extracted the experiments, EM-1 Orion finds a permanent home at the Air and Space Museum where it belongs for the benefit of future generations. That was the watershed moment for initiating America’s permanent return to the Moon and waystation to Mars. We got to witness it firsthand. Lucky us.


Right now, I’m keeping my eye on this little bit of news…

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On a very loosely related tangent, I see NASA and NG have just cut a 935 mil contract for the HALO component (habitat) of lunar Gateway. I’ve been wondering whether anyone has considered boosting ISS, or at least elements of it, that could find a second life as reuse for Gateway to save cost. I do know NASA is nearing the end of its support for ISS. Why not attempt to reuse parts of that major, proven investment? Ah well, just a brain fart from an Engineer/Scientist with an overactive imagination I suppose. Doesn’t stop the noggin from grinding away on out of the box ideas. :slight_smile:


I’ve considered that question also. I would imagine the issue that plagues reusability of any habitat or equipment stationed in space, for longer than 10 years, would be materials deterioration from radiation or even micro meteorite damage. These questions, I would assume, are more than likely on NASA’s radar for study and analysis.

How can you “return” to a place you never visited in the first place? LOL - I couldn’t resist.

Many years ago I was filming an interview with a top Grumman exec and asked him (off camera) how he responds to landing deniers. He just shook his head and said he didn’t know how to respond except to say he was there and part of the team that did it. It was quite the interview.

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I’m perpetually addicted to NY Time’s “Times Machine” archive tool and spend hours of free time each week exploring.

Last night I was browsing the lunar missions and found this piece. Imagine if all these projects had bee realized back then.

Maybe we’d have figured out how to eliminate world hunger.