Ok, I got a bit of flack from some for posting suggestive comments about a possible new product in the pipeline from Paul et All.

Well please try to cut me some slack here guys.

The mission began last fall with a “Holy Cow” phone call from Mr. PM about a major discovery.

Wow… But now I had to forget I heard about it. Shit.

Well, knowing Paul, I figured he would let it slip out through the cracks due to his excitement and usual inability to restrain it.

I watched the P’s tracks and although he looked headed for disclosure a few times he seem to always recover and hold back while dropping the odd bread crum.

So, one evening, in January, Will calls me from his car, shortly after leaving PSA and is so excited that he is missing turn offs and ranting.

Cool, now for sure the secret is getting out. Someone outside PSA has actually heard it and will surely spill the beans?

No, Will says, he also is sworn to secrecy but Paul says he can talk to me to vent his epifinistic ( new word) experience.

Thanks, that really helps a lot. ~X(

So now I know the product is nearing production! it sounds amazing! and I’ve never heard it.

PSA wants to build some expectations.

I also know that the “winter blues” often cause us to spend our hard earned bucks in the early spring while we spend more time indoors and with our rigs.

If there was no “heads up” and guys spent their wads I think there would be just cause for disappointment.

So I broke the first hints to our Beta group and purposely kept it cryptic so as not to give away any secrets but that was not easy to do since I could not relate my own experience but only those of the others who actually heard “IT”.

I also thought our dedicated Beta team deserved the scoop, whatever I could release of it, which was not much.

So there I have shared my saga and I still cannot disclose any more.

Hate me if you will but consider this…

Though I sit here in a little piece of paradise with daily massages, excursions and always a Margarita awaiting me upon my return, I am still suffering in the knowing that my test machine from PSA, the Schumann MKII VII Orbital Triangularor, is sitting at Fed-Ex in Montreal as I write.

Can you feel my pain?

FOUR more days to go!

Actually Paul let something slip and when I called him out on it in a private email all he could do was say "shhhh!!!"

As I was sworn to secrecy I can’t divulge what or where until the 1st, but it’s out there if you guys want to look for it.

Until then, happy hunting.



7 days more , and Paul I just turned 57 this is going to happen before I am 58 right buddy. After you have a great product line but shaky on the kickoff. Like the amp I am waiting on. I have a clean Psaudio ear marked credit card .


This whole “thing” has certainly peaked my curiosity. “Leaked” comments on how wonderful it is and such. I’m really trying to restrain myself, though, for several reasons. First, and foremost, it’s going to cost slightly more than a P10, ouch, more than $5k. It would certainly have to replace something I already have, not be an all new component (e.g., stand alone digital lens). Second, I was a little disappointed in the NPC, that was mostly my fault, but the hype led me to expect too much from a $1895 component. And third, the prolonged waiting for the new amps, a bridge that does gapless, and failing that Wavestream. I’m not picking on the technical side of PS Audio, they’re wonderful. It’s the marketing side that gets me hyped up then … well, 'nuff said.

Yes, history has most of us in a Missouri state of mind.

@elk: :slight_smile:

I’ve heard this thing. I’ve read the white paper. For the life of me I can’t figure out how Paul and the rest of PS Audio kept this thing under wraps for so long.

But do you have the t-shirt?

You have great credibility and have never oversold what you have heard/experienced. Your report is what has me intrigued.

Thanks, Elk. What credibility I do have won’t be blown by this one. :slight_smile:

Gordon said: he is missing turn offs and ranting.

I do that anyway, btw… :D
Gordon said: Margarita


pmotz said: but the hype led me to expect

Oh yes... This is finally the case when I do not expect anything, especially taking the future EU price into account. 8-9 thousands euro for something that apparently is a tweak? No, sorry... I would better get a new power line installed, buy a new NAS, a new SLR photocamera, Bridge mk II (for Christmas :D ) and I will still have some money left :D

Also, what Paul (or others) hears in his listening rooms does not always correspond to what the rest of the auditory experiences. However, I'm very curious what Gordon, or those who already had a chance to order the PerfectWave Vacuum Triangulator will say when they have it in their system.

Me too!

And… I will not lie.

Fair is fair.

I do have spies though and so far the excitement seems unanimous.

It won’t be long now. Even if ELK don’t care about my report. >-)


By the way… Was I accurate about the MKII upgrade or firmware 2.4.3?

Geeeeez, what’s a guy gotta do around here?!?!

If you can’t hear what this thing does it’s time to hang up the old ears. :wink:

In the Ohio vernacular, it ain’t no tweak.

wglenn said: If you can't hear what this thing does

Of course I can't. It's not in my system. Neither can you. For the same reason :D

Paul's system does not count ;) BTW, which room was that? #1 or #2? :D

My Wilson’s rarely lie to me.

The weak link is usually ME.

I promise to doo my best though.

I will burn it in while I shop for a new hammer drill. My olde one died last year and I miss the torque.

Thanks Al, for the reminder.

Np. At least you enjoy using it. I buy them and other people slowly destroy them , and then I pay to have them fixed

And you wonder why I am on a mission my whole life is a mission . And impossible one hahaha .


Have you looked at my new avatar I am the guy on the right my bro is pointing at me .


Gordon, Shopping for a new hammer drill eh? I advise not to skimp. I got a new Milwaukee on the way, and soon to be tested…I hope that this count down to March 1 won’t equal the same count down that Brutus had! “Good morning Ceasar, hows tricks?”

My choice is DeWalt :wink:

Alekz said: #1 or #2?

Hammer drills… #-o

I would say HILTI is 1 MILLWALLKIETOOLS 2 and dewalt and ridged tied for 3. And they all can get serviced


HILTI is the best but you pay very well for that claim.