Matrix spdif settings... yes again!

Sorry for bringing this up but due to the numerous postings on this little device I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I will ask again I apologize for everyone sick of seeing the Matrix spdif topics.

I have a Mac mini as my music/Roon server. I’ve been using the bridge for streaming on my DirectStream with good results. After reading about everyone’s success with the matrix I purchased one from a fellow PS audio forum member. So for anyone who has a similar set up how should I have the setting with the switches on the Matrix hooked to my DirectStream? Thank you in advance for the advice!

All off, although some people leave the DSD switch on so it sends native DSD instead of DoP.

Thanks again Steve.

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Very odd unbalanced sound with matrix/Roon.

If I use PST connected to DS DAC is all ok and SPP analog too.

When I switch the input to MacMini (Roon) > Intona USB Isolator > Matrix X SPIDF 2 via Dragon 48 to DS DAC it seems that I’m loosing the center focus imagine, voices in particular seem to go a little bit on the left side of the soundstage, not in the usual location I love.

No filters applied with Roon, just streaming from Quobuz.

Any idea?

Thank you.

Try removing the Intona from the path.


Thank you Vince, tomorrow I’ll give your suggestion a try for sure. This evening I’m too sad and angry because my soccer team (Atalanta - recently bought by Mr.Pagliuca the same owner of the Boston Celtics in US) has lost the last game of the championship and consequently we are out of European competitions next year. Blah!

What about your P20, still burning in?

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I did it, without success. Intona USB isolator doesn’t affect the soundstage balance and focus in any way. After some trial and error challenges… I found the culprit!

Awaiting my new XLR Dragon I’m still using old Fire ones, I had to keep connecting while the new ones are coming (I hope next week!). They go from DS DAC to BHK Pre.

If I swap them from right to left channel I can fix the issue! Very odd, because listening to CDs from the PST all sounded and is sounding ok, the image was and is perfectly centered. On the contrary streaming music from the matrix were left located, unbalanced and not perfectly focused before and now voices are back in their correct position, well focused.

So curious that I swapped them back to find out if the issue is repeatable, yes it is.

Never knew that the XLR cables might need to respect a right or left channel connection, in effect this issue (now I recall thanks to my unstable memory of a no more young man!!) already happened one or two years ago when I had bought these cables.

New lesson learnt today or maybe there is some defective thing in my cables or connectors? Mah! It doesn’t matter, the new cables are on the way and so pleasant music I’m enjoying that I’ve already forgotten the problem.


PS: streaming by matrix vs CDs by PST comparison? Both of them with Dragon 48 HDMI. No question, the PST is in another league, more realistic, more dynamic, more natural, more vivid. Even if I confess that with the matrix in the path this difference is remarkable reduced the PST rests undoubtedly the winner IMO.

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If you are using the Mac with matrix as I once was you may want to try a dedicated streamer like Auralic, Aurrender, Innuos, Grimm even the Roon Nucleus was better than the Mac IMO. Maybe you are waiting for the Air Lens. Which ever the case the gap will be narrowed between the PST and a dedicated streamer!

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You are right, I am fundamentally a vinyl guy. CDs listening was my first step after I added the PST to my system. Really engaging results!
Now the second step is streaming from internet (Roon/Quobuz) and the reason is the high expectation I have from the AirLens soon (?) coming. MacMini > Matrix path is a temporary step between.
What I do not like about streaming is the frequently jumping mood from album to album (or song to song), maybe useful for searching new music but horrible for pleasantly listening sessions, where records and CDs remain my favorite way of live with this wonderful hobby. Old habits die hard…

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The magic of streaming via Roon radio is that it has opened up a whole new world of music I would of never of found on my own from all over the world! Just play your favorite music playlist or album and when it’s over let Roon radio kick in. You will be amazed what it will find! Enjoy the music!