Matrix X-SPDIF 2

thanks … appreciate it…


Before the farad what was your setup w the matrix? Were u using a different LPS?

So I looked thru your posts. Thanks.

I replaced an Uptone Supercap 1.2 on the Matrix with the Farad and was flabbergasted, quote from my first post about the Farad 26 days ago:


My Sbooster arrived today (19V) and it is powering up the Roon Nucleus + with no issues at all - it has made an astounding difference, far exceeding my expectations as I already had the Nucleus plugged into my P20. My wife was very impressed which always bodes well for the next upgrade! My Farad Super3 is en route from the Netherlands and will go into my Matrix. Happy days


That’s great to hear!
So you have the Nucleus+/Sbooster connected via USB to the Matrix? And from there via I2S to the DSD? Are you not using your Bridge II anymore?

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Hi Philipp,
Yes, I have the upgraded Matrix Audio USB going from my Roon Nucleus+ to the Matrix, then a WireWorld Silver Sphere HDMI via I2S from the Matrix to the Directstream. I pulled out my Bridge II, and it’s not going back!! Definitely sounds better with it out. I took the Uptone 7.5V LPS that came with my etherREGEN and have used it to power the Matrix until my Farad Super 3 (7V) arrives. The etherREGEN is being powered by an LPS made in-house by AfterDark in Hong Kong. I am waiting for my Revelation Audio HDMI order to be filled. It’s been impressive to see how upgrading power supplies has made such a difference, given that everything has been already plugged into a P20.

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Just ordered Farad with the bells and whistles… I needed a happy thing in this covid time and my birthday is in December… :slight_smile:

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serious props if you’ve waited until now to get your first covid-time happy thing.

My bank account is very sad from all the covid-time happy things. Oy.


Yah it’s hard to believe. I think I got a better power supply than @aangen Lol. Crazy train.

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I’ve been spending all my money on my race car…


What do you have speedy?? Oh wait of course / the Mach 5!! :slight_smile:

So currently my matrix sits on top of my DS. Does anyone see any problem putting it and the farad on top of the P10? Any evil rays I need to worry about ? I’m struggling for space. :slight_smile:


Just until the Farad Super 4 comes out​:joy::joy:

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It has arrived!


Nice! How long did it take to arrive after you ordered it?

I placed the order this past Friday. It shipped on Monday. Pleasantly surprised how quickly it arrived.

Very nice!

Has anybody received a separate bill from customs for import duty & tax?

So what’s your first impression listening with the Farad?