Matrix X-SPDIF 2

For Aussie hi-fi nuts, the Sonic Art cables are superb. I have Sonic Art Reference XLRs and AC cables in my set up. Easy to customise length and Mark uses top notch Furutech plugs. I’m going to order one for my Farad.

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I am using the Ultra Upgrade at 9v on one Matrix, and at 7 volts on my second Matrix.

Did I read that right? 129 euro tax on a 617 euro product loaded up? Am I paying for someone’s health care?? :smile:

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Thanks Al. I’m still leaning more towards Sbooster. Seems like a better deal than the farad.

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Not unless you live in a country with VAT.

I’ve been using a Teddy Pardo 7v on the Matrix and very happy with it. It made a significant difference. But after emailing with Mattijs at Farad I’m very intrigued, so I ordered one. Mattijs was very gracious and said I should I keep the Pardo where it is.

Looking forward to comparing the Teddy Pardo with the Farad. I’ll move one of those to the Etherregen depending on the results. I did order the Farad with the full works including the SR Orange fuse and the Level 2 upgraded DC power cable. It is twice as expensive as the Pardo and I’m curious if it’s twice as good.


Except for foodstuffs and some services (9%) the current standard VAT rate for the inhabitants of the Netherlands is 21%. And yes, healthcare is top notch for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do U.S. buyers pay the VAT?

Likely not, export abroad will be charged at 0% VAT and the receiver has to pay local import duty and customs clearance costs/VAT

I’m in the US and I was not charged any VAT, sales tax, or shipping fees, just paid for the upgraded Farad and upgrade cable.


So… I have a wyred4sound recovery unit which I do not use. However, when I got my matrix I decided to try it’s wallwart power supply with it. I figured it just must be better than direct usb powering the matrix. Someone above suggested that it actually might be worse sounding.

Tonight I compared …and I think the direct usb actually sounds better if you can believe that. So the wallwart is staying out. Now I’ll ruminate some more over the farad. (No I’m not comparing it to the wallwart). :slight_smile:

Any Wallwart or switch mode power supply will directly inject switching noise straight into the matrix and then onto the dac and then onto your amplification.

Some of the switching power supplies are pretty quiet. Probably below the threshold of audibility. iFi has come out with an improved switching PS. $100 instead of $50.

There is a Shunyata Sigma USB cable for sale on US Audio Mart for $1350. I don’t need it but I am tempted to buy it anyway. Yikes!

Yikes, yikes? let me tell you how to save $1,350 for a small commission. Kitty accounting services.


Al, if you have $1,350 to toss around, you should consider a tricked out Farad, maybe a 9v version? We would love to hear your assessment of this Super 3 unit. For me, it’s a game changer!!


Agreed Al, buy both and let us know. 7 or 9V, and while you’re at it, if you could buy all the fuse and cable combinations and tell us which makes a difference, and which ones don’t then that would be good (thumbs up)


Ps.has anyone bought the mains lead accessory they are selling as well?

So - looking at this farad - I see the options on the connector … silver 50/100cm … copper 50/100 cm… Any opinions on length and type?

Get the 50cm Level 2 silver (5.5/2.1mm), long enough with the Farad next to the Matrix :wink: