Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Plugging it in now. Had to finish watching the Liverpool game first.

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Not sure if you’re an LFC supporter but sorry about VVD over the weekend. Pickford should have been sent off IMO. (I support Everton, FWIW.)

Cheers, thanks! Appreciate it! I’m a lifelong Liverpool fan. VVD is a massive loss. That game just didn’t go our way in so many ways. You guys have a good team this year. It’s a wide open league.

Now to put some time in on the new toy!

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It’s been about 12 hours with the Farad playing nonstop. First impression is generally positive. It certainly throws up a bigger, more expansive soundstage. Hard not to notice how much bigger the imaging is with the Farad. I get a very real feel of the speakers getting out of the way. The instruments and voices seem fuller and more weightier and perhaps a bit muffled. Having said that, and I know it’s still very early, at this time the Teddy Pardo is more sweeter sounding, and the Farad seems a touch aggressive comparatively.

Looking forward to it burning in.


Thanks for your feedback, Comparison to Teddy is useful. Please give us your final thoughts between the two again later. Ps good result against Ajax!


Lifelong Liverpool fan here too! Also a 6 month long Farad fan, although I’ve not compared it directly to a Teddy Pardo.

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I’m over half way breaking in the Farad at about 120 hours and Wow!!! so real sounding!! I don’t think it can break in more than this, but we’ll see.
Compare to the Sbooster, it is richer and fuller with more clearer defined images! The Sbooster is murkier or duller! The Farad may sounded more aggressive in the beginning, but that has turn to more realistic transients and palpable images!! This is one hell of a power supply!! If you have a fairly revealing system, you will really appreciate what this power supply can do!!


I like this. My analogue version of the heart…

Like others, I’m very interested in a comparison between the Teddy Pardo and the Farad Super3 driving the Matrix.

I have a Teddy driving my OpticalRendu and an UpTone LPS 1.2 for the Matrix. I’d love to swap them for a test, but the UpTone doesn’t have enough kick to power the Rendu.

As I type this, I have an open browser tab with my Farad order, but it’s pretty steep. Could get another Teddy for the Matrix. SWMBO says, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, which represents an uphill climb in decision making.

A comparison between the Farad (or Teddy) and the UpTone driving the Matrix would be groovy, too. Has anyone done this, yet?

I have the the Uptone and I would not describe it with the same superlatives as the Teddy or the Farad have received by others

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Thanks for the input. I’ll consider that as “one down”.

Hmm, now Teddy or Farad?

Replaced my Uptone with a fully loaded Farad. Like i posted before it was no contest, the Uptone (now on my EtherRegen) is completely outplayed by the Farad!

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I might have missed that post. Thanks for the input!

I have to concur with wijber. I had a borrowed Uptone in my system for a brief period. There really was no comparison in my system. It was better than the iFi 5v I started with, but that’s about it. Way too timid and laidback for me. Whereas, the Farad and Pardo are in a different league.

It’s still early days for the Farad in my system (about 40 hours). What I found a little “muffled” yesterday is now going away. I will say the sonic signature of the Farad is very different than the Pardo, without judgment one way or the other. I am almost tempted to say, what do you like more vinyl or digital?? They are both very dynamic and gobs of detail and clarity. The side to side imaging of the Farad is viscerally palpable and intoxicating. The Pardo goes a bit deeper at this stage, where the Farad is more forward in its presentation I would say. Tremendous PRAT with both. I can listen to the Pardo for days; it is just so sweet and natural sounding. The Farad might need a bit more time to get to that stage. Bass is more prominent with the Farad, but not necessarily booming. To echo Waymanchen11, Farad is indeed revealing.

Over the weekend I am planning on putting the Teddy Pardo back in the chain to compare again. I will also play with adding one of those to the Etherregen and see what difference/additions it might make. I am glad to have both on hand and initially thought I might put one up for sale eventually. But I don’t think I will. It’s a good problem to have which one will go where ultimately when the Farad fully breaks in.


Am I right in thinking the Teddy is cheaper than the Farad, what extras are you using with the Teddy and at what voltage?

Many thanks

Both are 7v. No extras on the Pardo, and it is roughly half the price of the Farad with all the bells and whistles.

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Thanks, here in the U.K. the Teddy is £295 presumably + tax
The Farad with all the bits is over £900 + tax, so superficially unless the Farad is significantly better it’s a no brainier.

In my case, I have to factor in a power cord to either unit. I don’t have an extra around.

I think I’ve landed on the Teddy Pardo 7/2 to drive the Matrix. While the Farad may have lots of bells and whistles, $1,400 US seems excessive for my needs at the moment. (Fully tricked, with power cord.)

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, please.

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€1011 (incl. €175 VAT) without AC cable, no VAT charged for customers abroad…