Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Anyone test the iFi power adapter? It is a switching power supply, but advertise themselves as “clean, noise pollution free power” and claims of “20x quieter than audiophile linear power supplies and 1000x quieter than standard SMPS wall adapters”. Available in 9v

I wonder if

PC → something like a Sonos uRendu → X-SPFIF2 → DS DAC

would be better than

PC with fidelizer → X-SPDIF2 → DS DAC?

I had one at one point. In my view it’s a waste of time for this use.

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What power supply did you end up going with?

I joined the Farad3 bandwagon. It’s not just the Farad is far superior to the ifi (so it should be at the price), it’s just the ifi made no improvement at all (makes the sound slightly different, but not better)

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Ifi is a waste of money. It’s in my junk pile. Uptone UltraCap LPS 1.2 or Sbooster is really good, but if you want something in another league, get Farad3.


I have several of them (ifi PS) in various voltages. There is an upgraded version for $99.

They work fine.


I’m new to the Matrix so I have not upgraded to an external power source, just using USB power and an i2s connection to DAC. When comparing the same music from my PWT with the same i2s cable, the sound is slightly flatter through the Matrix. Not quite as much ‘air’ as there is through the PWT. Would a good LPS open up the sound a bit more?

You will need a good USB cable as well as the LPS and I2s cable. I find that unless all three ingredients are good enough, it will barely sound as airy and open as my DMP with the same I2s cable.


The Matrix Spdif 2’s greatest trick is it turns a sub $500 tweak into a plus $1k tweak once you add the magic ingredients to make it truly sound unbelievable!


I am using a Cardas Clear USB, which is a solid cable just not super high end. I’m not a Richie Rich so I was looking at the 7v LPS from Small Green Computers, which is around 200. Will this bring me some noticeable improvement you think? Sound is very good through the Matrix as is, but really serious listening I still do through the PWT, a really great transport.

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I use to use the Cardas Clear Premium Dual Cable USB. While it is full, warm, and sweet sounding, it lacks the air and clarity of something like the WW Platinum USB.
I would when funds allow, upgrade the USB. It will make very nice difference in sound. The SGC LPS is very good. Getting much better sound from a better LPS would require much more than you want to pay.
It is very hard to get a computer or streamer to sound better than a really good transport like the PWT. It would take much more money just to sound as good, but it can sound very respectable with the right cables and LPS.


Matrix $500
Power supply $500 (or $1500)
Power cable between Power Supply and Matrix $300
Decent USB cable $200, but more like $600 or in my case $2200. (And $1950, and $1350)
I2S cable $600 plus a two to five month wait or $2200 for the new cable picked to be better than the long wait $600 cable.

Or Zero and wait for the DSD MKII which doesn’t need any of the above.

Or $450 for a used Bridge II card which got me close enough but not some of the other fellas.

The fun thing is I have two Matrix units, and two of the $600 i2s cables, and too many USB cables to count. Oh, and four power supplies.

I’d like to mention I am no longer using any of it.
(My new $25,000 DAC doesn’t need any of it)

I did have fun though.


The matrix runs better with the SGC LPS set at 6V vs 7V. But they are user adjustable. The HDPLEX 300 sounds way better but you get four more better regulated LPS in one unit. If you can use one on your router or switch streamer and end point for relatively low cost. Or even use one of the LPS set for 12V on the DS Analog board.

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It’s the journey not the destination. Lol


Talking about destination, Anyone here found a way to use Directstream Sr. without Bridge II to unfold completely Tidal MQA files?
I use SOTM Ultra 200 Neo + Sotm power supply + Matrix X Spdif2 connected to DirectStream I2S unfolding only the MQA first step.
Only with Bridge II DirectStream will unfold MQA all the way right?
And DirectStream II will not have MQA also.
Dead end!

I have been using SGC’s 9v LPS to power my Matrix, which sits between a Nucleus Rev. B and a DSSr, and the improvement in SQ over USB power is not subtle. 'Dunno how much better it would sound with an LPS at two or three or more times the price, but that’s all my budget could sustain.

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Hi Al! Can you say your collection is complete without the $2200 I2S (HDMI) cable?

I am listening right now to the AQ Dragon 48 hdmi. It’s very good, but so far, IMHO, not better than Brad’s RAL.
It’s almost new, however, so let’s see what additional break in will do.

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My collection is complete without the $2200 I2S (HDMI) Cable.

Yes, yes I can.

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