Matrix X-SPDIF 2

I use MconnectLite app on an iphone to play Qobuz audio directly to my Jriver via DLNA. Works perfectly.

Here’s a dumb but … hey come on I’m the OP. For those w your dsd switch off - what color does the light show on the matrix when playing dsd?

Blue. I tried both on and off and the color remains blue on either position playing DSD material.

It’s blue with dop and should be white with native dsd. You need to change output settings from your streamer too to match Matrix dip switch settings.


Uhhh. I have to look at that. I have jrmc - so I’ll have to have a look. This will be a tough call. I like the blue light. Lol

So I flipped my jriver to stop feeding dop. And low and behold. So now I am not doping anything. So I will a/b this shenanigans. I would not want my psychoacoustic to play into this.

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So I have a/b’d the setting on the matrix driver in jriver. I wanted to see if there was a difference and I feel there was.

With my native dsd switch on and the dop off on the driver in jriver it seems like I get slightly better decay and more air. This gives the impression that the voice has a bit more depth and floats a bit more. A bit more detail. Almost like more harmonics.

I’m not sure why. But that is what I hear. Thought music was a little flatter with the driver set to dop.

Curious if others have tried this. Tell me I’m crazy.


I’ve had the same experience. You’re totally sane, sage, and wise. Native DSD sound is more refined than DoP.


So to be clear. I’ve always been native dsd on the switch. What changed is the matrix driver setting. Somppsa pointed out that the streamer had to be altered to send native and dop needed to be turned off there. This is the only thing changed. Now I get white light on matrix vs blue on dsd feed

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Good to hear you figured it out correctly. I´ve been using native settings with my streamer too and find it slightly better sounding than dop. There was a poll maybe a year or two ago about native vs dop and results were mixed salad if I remember correctly.

Ted recommends dop settings with DSD but you never know before you try. Basically there should be no difference but bits are not bits always :slight_smile:

Altering the streamer setting is something I missed and am betting others missed as well

Maybe your JRiver pc generates less noise when not generating DoP


My thoughts too!

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I will say. I am getting quite amazed at this change. It just seems like inner detail has gone up a notch. I know it has been mentioned before after an upgrade where the music almost sounds slower and Ted explains that as less noise. How can I find an improvement on this at this point.

So what format are your master dsd files, are they dsf? I’m using an old version (28) of JRiver but what setting did you change, what was it called so I can find the equivalent in v28.

Many thanks

Edit: actually, I lied, I’m on MC22.

I have dsf and I have iso. A whole slew of them. And this is jriver 21.

It is under audio/device settings. Simple checkbox on DOP.

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If you have a DS DAC. Swap transformers, add an external LPS, and EMI and RF adsorption material to quiet internal noise. It works the same. So much more enjoyment and details in your music.


So I’ve unticked “dsd bitstream in DOP format” but my led is still blue. I should say that I have my matrix connected to the output of my Auralic Aries G2 which pulls the files from my JRiver upnp server on my pc. Maybe this is why it does not work. Have I missed anything. All dips are off.

Now you only need to switch native dsd on from Matrix and you are good to go. If you have all switches off then you must use dop settings.

So I’ve set off off on removed power & reconnected power to matrix, but still shows blue