Matrix X-SPDIF 2

Let me ask a dumb question. So your driver. Mine shows as ‘matrix’. You are going to the auralic. What does yours show? I know nothing of the Aries and how it would push data out??

What is the purpose of using JRiver in front of Lightning DS? Could you not accomplish the same tasks by using Lightning Server to pull the files from the PC?

I have this one.
The theory is that Jriver in the process brings pluses to the sound. But in my hands on experience Lighting has nothing to be ashamed about. I wouldn’t lift a finger to try Jriver in its place. And I love Jriver.

So the file is being processed twice by two different pieces of software before it gets to the Matrix? Would seem to me to then be twice as hard to get the settings right but then I just run Lightning DS straight to the DAC so what do I know.


The point of putting in the Aries between my pc and matrix is sound improvement (which is not small) the Aries uses upnp to access my files via wifi so no physical connection between hifi and pc. Also gives you access to Tidal and Qobuz.

I don’t use Lightning LDS as it it marks any album that contains more than 1 track artist as a compilation when it should use Album artist for this. Very annoying

Still got no white light

Have you checked your Aries settings too? There should be option to choose dsd mode native or dop.

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Yeah, that’s my thought. I’ve had a look but could not find anything, if you have any Aries settings knowledge then do tell :slight_smile:

No sorry I have never used Auralic products but I assumed there are settings for that. I can choose native or dop with Innuos but that doesn´t mean you can do it with your Aries.

Hopefully someone else has experience with Auralic and can help you through this.

Their settings seems quite clear, put there does not seem to be one sadly, unless I missed it.

@chris5 this may help. On the lightning DS app open up the settings and select processor setup. Look for DoP Marker and select the option I have pictured for use with Matrix Spdif. It should work.

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X-SPDIF 2 manual says:
Note: The DSD LED state is for the input data stream in DSD code, not the
output data mode from the IIS port.

Blue light means your input source is DoP. Matrix’s switch position has no effect to the light.

Yes the implications is to use the switch if your endpoint cannot take DoP (which the DS can) as the current point is to pass dsd all the way though. The fact the led is staying blue shows this is not being achieved, and the switch has to be set the correct way, else the matrix will alway convert output to dsd.

Thanks for your efforts Paul, I shall try this. On the surface this control is just for DoP rather than dsd but I will try it.

That’s the setting i have I’m my Auralic G2 and the settings on my Matrix are off on all three. My matrix plays native DSD without DoP with these settings.

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Can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

Well, done that, still blue.

Is this streaming from something like roon and Qobuz? Or your own library or both? If Roon what are you using for a core?

Hiya, I don’t use Roon. Aries is connected JRiver upnp server on pc, Aries connects to matrix via usb

I have no experience with Jriver. Sorry that didn’t help. Good luck tho!