Matrix X-SPDIF 2

I wasn’t talking replacing the nucleus +. Only adding in one of these ultraRendu (v1.2) – Small Green Computer

and powering it with a LPS it gets the ethernet from your EtherRegen . Then dumping UltraRendu USB into the Matrix which has the Dragon HDMI to the DS.

A couple of small 3M absorber squares to top of the matrix and stuck to top of UltraRendu and pulling the Bridge II. you will be asking what streaming noise


These are supposed to come out in March at $499: Mercury Streamer - Pi2 Design.
I use a RPI with RoPieee and the PI2 Design PI2AES HAT with I2S HDMI output as a Roon Endpoint in my office setup, and it works very well.

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Very interesting. Easy way to get Roon I2S to the DS DAC.

Thanks @Vmax - I’m sure this option would be a significant step up from what I have at the moment. I am, however, intrigued with what @fdemello had to say in abandoning his USB chain which included the Sonore UR/Farad. Wish it was easy to arrange evaluations and returns, but it isn’t (especially from Australia).

Whichever way I go, I will report back. Happy listening, everyone.


Well, I have bitten the bullet, @fdemello !! It’s cheaper than my AQ Dragon 48 HDMI cable! It’s all part of this audio addiction. I’ll report back my findings after it’s burned in.

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Congratulations Phil!! Agree. Cheap way to go I2S to your DAC especially when compared to other purchases. I’'m very confident you will like it.

I would used a good Audio specific HDMI cable. Magna will recommend it is not required or use a AQ Pearl 48K for an upgrade but you can squeeze much better performance out with a better cable. I bought the Pearl and did not like it. I am using a Harmonic Technology Magic HDMI $249 (which I may be selling soon) since I just ordered a Revelation Audio Prophecy cable $799. There are others as well.

The UltraRendu AB7050HF tweak is very easy. Take off two end screws for cover plate.

Next cut a small square of bsorber to mount directly behind USB port roof of case above 3 small ICs. Do not cover area above the two can capacitors.

Then a larger piece of absorber square large enough above all the ICs behind HDMI port.


You can trial absorber square placement and sizes on top of cover to get sound right. Before opening the unit and sick pieces on the lid.

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Very interested in hearing any reports you care to make; as I am starting to look around for a tried and true way to convert Ethernet to I2S for feeding my DS Sr. DAC that is demonstrably superior to the Bridge II Ethernet card interface – my preferred method of feeding the 1s and 0s from my iMac to the DAC, system to date.


I have actually opened the Matrix to put EMI absorbers directly on the chips “with most legs”.
To open Matrix, just use force to unglue 4 rubber legs to get access to screws. Then there is few more screws to remove the board from case (need to unscrew the connectors from back plate).

I have forgot to take photos after EMI absorbers installation and did not even properly listened for SQ change as i was in rush… But what i am hearing now, about a 2 weeks after i did the tweak I really like. I have recently replaced cheapo LPS I was using for streamer and Matrix USB with Farad, which now allows me to hear more HF details - the original LPS somehow attenuated HF, made it pleasant but lacking air and masking HF deficiencies).

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Thanks for that update. . I do have some epoxy glue around to reattach feet I will try the modification. How much space is internal between the chips and top cover?

After re-assembling, the feets still does stick quite ok, now 2 weeks after, they stick enough for me (in case me/someone else is going to open the Matrix again, the epoxy might be problem if sticks too much)

There is enough clearance for 3M EMI absorbers, it might be something like 5mm of space from top and the same from bottom side. I can remember before I opened Matrix I was worried if it’s case is used as heatsink the absorbers might not fit in, but actually the casing is not protruded towards the chips to act as contact heatsink, so all ok :slight_smile:


@fdemello - thanks! I have an AQ Dragon 48 HDMI, so that seems to be the “best” on this forum - and it out-performed my RAL HDMI as well in my system.