Maximum MW Strength 4 with Phase Tuning -2 on P15

I’ve now had my Power Plant 15 for 5 weeks and started to try different settings and I’ve noticed something that I wonder if anyone of you also have noticed.

I’ve seen (heard) that the highest I can turn up the “MW Strength” on my P15 is to 4 while I at the same time turn down the “Phase Tuning” to -2 because if I just turn up the “MW Strength” to 4 without turning down the “Phase Tuning” to -2 my P15 gives away a too loud “Bruuum” for me. A “Bruuum” that really irritates me.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that if I turn up my P15’s “MW Strength” to 6 while I at the same time turn up the “Phase Tuning” to 10 my P15 REALLY starts to “Sing” and I wonder if anyone else of you have also noticed these anoying sounds from your P15’s or if it’s just my P15 that behave like this?!?

It seems that you shouldn’t use “Phase Tuning” at all according to the manual so I get a bit worried since I “must” use it if I want to use “MW Strength”.

Phase tuning better locks your Power Plant to the line if your line has some serious phase issues (which it might). We recommend not using it if you don’t need to, but it sound like perhaps you might.

I would call us at 800-PSAUDIO if you need any help. It sounds like you’re fine.

Thanks for your answer Mr. Paul but I live in Sweden and are to stingy to give you a call. LOOL

Should a P15, like mine, induce sound the more you increase the “MW Strength” and the “Phase Tuning”?
When my P15 is warm after a couple of hours use and I put the “MW Strength” and the “Phase Tuning” to their maximum +setting (6 and+10) my P15 both gives away a very high “piip” noice around 12-13 000 Hz and also a lower “Bruum” but if I lower the “Phase Tuning” to, say, -8 the very high “Piip” sound disappears.

The highest MW Strength-value I can use and still have a quite P15 are as I said in my topic, 4 and -2, and that’s a bit strange for me since it seems that many others here, you included (if I remeber correct) use MW Strength 6 and no Phase Tuning at all.

Earlier today I put the “MW Strength” on 6 again just for “fun”/more testing before I pressed the “Auto Tune” button on the Setup-screen and after my P15 was finished it had put “Phase Tuning” on -5 by itself and everything is now very silent & quiet with my P15 so I think I leave it at that now.
At “MW Strength” 6 and “Phase Tuning” on -5 even though you recommend that I don’t use any “Phase Tuning”.

I mean when it becomes as I want it, silent, and when my P15 use that setting by itself it can’t bee that wrong can it?!?

I have now listened to both “Sine” and severel different “MW Strength” settings and it was so precise for me that I also thought that “MW Strength 4” with “Phase Tuning -2” gave me the best sound.

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The best sound is the goal. For my power and setup I like MW6 and phase tune of +10

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If I use +10 with my P15 it gives me a constant “Piiiip” at around 13 000 Hz so I’m happy that my power wants me “take the other direction” so I get a silent Power Plant.

I have a P10 so not precisely the same but mine doesn’t make any sound regardless of my settings. I get better output specs though and frankly I don’t hear enough difference in SQ to mess with it anymore. I can’t see my P10 so I use the remote for instant blind changes. Nothing.