New to Power Plant (P15 owner) reccomendations and remote problem


I’m new to power plant and purchased it a little over year ago but haven’t really use it until recently (after two days as of this writing) because of personal matters. I just want to ask a few questions regarding P15 and the remote control as well.

As of the moment I’m using a streamer and sometimes a cd transporter with separate dac as a source of music and a class a/b 300watts integrated amplifier. Can you please share your thoughts or recommendation about the setting/s that I need to do with my P15? I’m not familiar with the wave form, mw strength and phase tune. What should I do with these and your recommended setting for these.

How about firmware? How do I check my PP’s firmware to see if it’s updated upon my purchase or not?

With regards to remote, the remote control is not functioning, I’ve replaced the batteries and it doesn’t work at all. I need to turn off the lcd panel because it’s too distracting even if I’ve set the dimmer to the lowest according to the manual, I need to click the dim button of the remote but It doesn’t work. If I push the physical PS Audio logo on the front panel it will turn off and I don’t want my system to turn off as well and I want them only on stand by mode, is there a way where I can turn off the lcd panel without the use of remote and without compromising my audio system by keeping them only in stand by mode?

I know this was a lengthy post and I would like to apologize for this and for my ignorance, but I’m very thankful for the people who would take their time to read and input their answers and recommendations. This will be very helpful on my part and I’m thankful for it.

With much appreciation,


Welcome Raisin,
Remote: I would cross check battery terminals for cleanliness, and polarity. If no joy, then you may need a new one.
Version: from the top Right corner go to the home screen, then click the info button (i in a circle) main should be 1.25
Connections: for best results I would put the amplifier in on of the high high connections close to where the mains cable enters the P15 (Zones D&E). You source components can be distributed anyway you like. If have analogue and digital source components you may want to use zones for digital and other zones for analogue.
Multiwave vs Sine: if you register your product, and connect it to the internet via cable, you could start viewing your distortion, voltage, wattage, and power plant temperature. This would guide you towards the best option. If your distortion is high you may want to go for better wave form as opposed to high regulation. You could use auto-tune if you have real issues, but many do not need it. MW settings are a mixed bag. Many people reported a setting of 4 or 5 with Multi does magic. In my case, nothing.

Merry Xmas and happy new year.

Welcome Raisin! Serhan has been very helpful as always. Do you also have a DSD? The DSD remote will activate and deactivate the dimmer, switch between Sine and MultiWave and control the Clean function if the P15 remote is inoperable.

The other settings are to be experimented with. Autotune always takes me somewhere that I don’t prefer the sound–I have decided that I just leave the Phase at 0. I like High Regulation and Multi-wave between 1 and 4. . .a lot there depends on the tubes I use and the gain balance between components in my system. My guess is you will hear differences playing with thee settings and clearly develop preferrences.

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Thank you Lonson,
You got me curious. The remote that shipped with the DSD is the same universal remote control that shipped with the BHK pre. Would it work with the P15?

Ah, no I’m afraid it does not–I have this remote received with the PMD. I have an earlier (slimmer, black plastic) remote furnished with my DSD and it controls DSD, DMP and P15–a handy remote to have. I am sure you can purchase one from PS Audio, I have done so several times for 15 dollars. That said, Raisin: if you contact PS Audio I am sure they will send you a new remote for the P15.

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yeah just give us a call or email and we can get a new remote for you. That is likely the issue with a simple fix, 1-800-PSAUDIO

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Mine is intended for DS DAC, DMP, BHK Pre, NuWave Phono. Stellar Phono and P15 are orphans, :smile:

Hello Sir Serhan,
Remote: Thank you for your reply. Yes, I did check the battery terminals for corotion and all and the remote seems and looks fine to my understanding, the led indicator is even ligting up whenever I press the button. I’ve tried all the possoble angles and distance when clicking the remote while facing on the unit.
Version: I just checked a while ago and it is indeed up to date. Thank you.
Connectoins: My instinct told me to do eaxctly what you’ve told me and that’s the first thing I did when I’ve set my audio system 2 days ago. I do have analogue source too but I’m having problems which I can’t still determine if it’s my tonearm or the phono. Thanks.
Multiwave vs Sine: I’ll just have to register and put ethernet cable right and no more additional steps, like plug and play? I will check on this and it’s a bit to techincal for me. Thank you for your response again.
Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all of us. :slight_smile:

Hi Sir lonson,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, Sir Serhan was realy helpful indeed. Unfortunately, I don’t own PS Audio’s DSD. Actually I’m more into analogue and wasn’t planning on buying nor considering Digital but when a friend ask lend me his streamer, the convenience is what hooked me on getting one but still have thoughts with it and I didn’t really research enough about streamers, so when I found and somewhat had a better understanding about streames it’s too late and couldn’t back out with my current streamer but DSD is really promising! Will consider on getting one hopefully in the future and thanks for the info!
Ok, I won’t touch the auto tune. Question, do I have to do other steps when switching Multi-wave digits? I mean do I have to turn off the audio system or pause or mute the amp turn the volume to zero before changing the MW strenght? Noted on the Phase to leave it at zero. Thank you very much again.

Thank you very much Sir lonson! :slight_smile:

Hi Sir Kevin,
Thank you. Unfortunately, I live in The Philippines so I don’t know if you can get me a new one. By the way to clarify most probably the remote is faulty right? I’m afraid the faulty one is the P15 itslef. This isn’t also a software issue? Thank you.

Raisin, you are of course welcome to any help. As regards MultiWave you can experiment with this while listening to the other components, no stopping or powering down needed.

Reach out to our distributor in the Philippines who can take care of you with a remote or repair if necessary.

AVDI (Audio Visual Driver Int’l)

(02) 367-6106 and (02) 367-6107


City: Metro Manilla


Postal Code:


Thank you! :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you Sir Kevin… I’ve already coordinate with them. Thank you again. Can I do a follow up question? What should I do if I want to connect an ethernet cable at the back of my unit? and what does it do? What are the steps to do? Thank you.

Hi Raisin,
I hope all is well your end. When connecting the power plant to LAN you do two things:

  1. you can access your own device configuration (status, power zones, internet configuration) from a computer or a tablet.
  2. You can read your input and output statistics for each week, like Total Harmonic Distortion, Voltage changes, wattage, and internal temperature of the P15. These statistics would give some insight on the best way to set up your P15.
    Both 1 and 2 above are accessible from your account page on PS Audio. You go to My PS then Power Play in the home page. If you are going from this page, then My PS > My Products > Power Play. Please made sure your device is registered.
    Oh, and please call me Serhan. Thanks
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Hello Sir Serhan,

Thank you very much, I just registered the product and connect it to the internet and it looks fine. You’re right that you can control it except for the MW Strength and Phase plus the dim option isn’t there but everything else seems great. Sorry Serhan but it’s been a habit of min to address someone Sir or Miss/Ma’am. I’ll avoid as much as possible to call you Sir Serhan. Thank you very much again. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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On the home screen you can use the touch screen to select Sinewave or Multiwave. Also, from the setup screen you can select the MW strength from 1 to 6. As for the screen brightness, you can drag to minimum at the bottom of setup screen.
Have fun.

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Yes Serhan, I’ve done it and tried multi and since with different strengths and ending I had to take it back to it’s original setting which suits my taste. hehe… Thank you Sir Serhan for all the help. :slight_smile:

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Anytime Raisin. Merry Christmas.