Favorite multi wave level?

What is your favorite level ?
Or do you prefer sinewave ?
Maybe a poll would help, @bootzilla?

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I’m not really sure I can tell a difference between the two but I keep it on Max MW just in case!

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I use a Bryston BIT20 power conditioner, so no wave settings for me, and I am not sure how to set up a useful poll in this category. If you post the choices, though, I will see what I can do.

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My wild ass guess is that it would matter what amplifier you’re using. With my amp, I can’t hear any difference at all.

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I don’t hear any difference either but my system runs most efficiently using MW 6 and phase tune 10, and 119V keeps the output at 120V plus or minus 0.1V as measured by my Fluke, my P10 reads 0.2V lower.

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I use 6, makes the music more dynamic and keeps my transformer on my amp silent, sine causes a hum for mine

do you use "auto tune’? If so, what phase level does it settle on under typical conditions?

I’d like to try Ludicrous Mode!
My old P600, though, seems to get along with the rest of my equipment best when I choose boring SIN. It has the MW2 card installed.
The other modes cause everything to make weird noises. Someday, I’ll upgrade and try the other modes again.

What is autotune? I have a P-10. Does that have it?

Weird question if you hit autotune once will it always tune itself from then on or do you have to keep hitting autotune whenever you want to retune?

I believe that to be correct.

Thanks @bootzilla
The possible choices are:
Multiwave 1
Multiwave 2
Multiwave 3
Multiwave 4
Multiwave 5
Multiwave 6

Thanks @winston007 just to be clear do you mean you do always have to hit the autotune button to retune

I can hear each level of MW and in comparison to Sine. I find my system tends to sound best at MW 2.

The quick answer is yes. Your follow up question caused me to go to the P20 this morning. I looked at the auto tune value of 2. I pressed the auto tune button again. It was now -4. I pressed it again. It is now 0. This happened within one minute. So, now I do not understand the value of auto tune since it changes about every 20 seconds. I am confused. Maybe some one more knowledgeable than I can answer or explain.

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POLL: What is your favorite Multiwave Level, or Do You Prefer Sinewave?

  • Sinewave
  • Multiwave 1
  • Multiwave 2
  • Multiwave 3
  • Multiwave 4
  • Multiwave 5
  • Multiwave 6

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Thank you @bootzilla !

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Thanks! Could you possibly add a “can’t tell the difference” option?

Thanks for the suggestion, but if I change the options after the poll is active, it wipes out the existing votes.

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Don’t know about the P10, but on the setup screen of the P20, where you can change mw and phase values, there’s an “autotune” “button”. In my system, it changes with the wind and has zero effect on sound, so I leave it at zero.
And if I understand the manual, mw level 4 is the same as selecting “sine”. I guess some amps are sensitive to mw changes. Not mine.