Maybe Apple is serious about Classical music

If only they would allow integration with hardware makers beyond just Sonos and AirPlay 2…




If they don’t integrate with Roon, it really doesn’t matter to me. (Inside voice: they won’t)

I genuinely HATE how Apple Music works on iPhones. I have my on-device library and when I try and integrate with Apple Music it ruins everything. It still amazes me how despite Apple’s vaunted user-friendliness, they screwed up the music experience so badly. It would be comical if it weren’t so sad.


“ Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app next year combining Primephonic’s classical user interface that fans have grown to love with more added features.”

Know hope!

Do you think they could acquire Roon and a couple other streaming services to strengthen their position? They have a fat wallet!

Roon is SOOOOO niche that I can’t any imagine any possible universe that could happen. Plus they’re private, so I don’t see Apple having leverage.

Always ask yourself when it comes to Apple: will this acquisition sell more iron? With Roon, the answer is no way. Apple is all about streaming now. Roon was designed for collectors.

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Apple’s much bigger prize is the ev car business. They are currently spending upwards of a billion dollars per year on ev software,etc.
If they decide to enter they are a player.
A music service is a like a peanut to them. They can afford tons of peanuts.

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Roon is not niche at all, because so many audio manufacturers effectively use Roon as their streaming software. Unless of course you consider hifi generally to be niche, which it probably is.

Looks like Primephonic were not viable any Apple just bought the IP.

As Roon only has about 120k subscribers, I would argue that it is very niche.

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Ask a room of people if they have heard of iTunes and most will reply “yes.” Try that with Roon and you will get empty stares.


I like Roon enough. It’s better than iTunes which has basically devolved to a kick in the balls.

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If Apple would just let their ATV output bit perfect audio (and not re-sample everything to 16/48), and hi-res, it would have a killer offering. I actually find the Music app really convenient to use and I really like their playlists. Unfortunately for serious listening I still have to resort to my Node just so I can get bit perfect output from Amazon Music.

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Well, that was a cheery assessment! Not … While I wasn’t aware of this service, it might have been of interest to me, too late now. But why is Apple interested? That is the real question.

It’s entirely possible an Apple senior exec is a classical aficionado and saw the service and pushed the company into buying it. Stranger things have happened. Like the CD being 74 minutes long because the Sony CEO loved Beethoven’s 9th.

I remain cautiously optimistic. Apple is pretty good about not changing up good stuff obtained through acquisitions.

Very possible but there would need to be some reason beyond “I like this company.” Maybe Primephonic has some IP that is cheaper to buy than for Apple to build even though money is no object for Cupertino at this point.