Apple Music classical update

Apple’s latest Apple Music beta app for Android may have revealed the name of the company’s forthcoming app dedicated to classical music, suggesting a release might not be too far away.

Last year, Apple announced the purchase of classical music streaming service Primephonic, which features search and browse functionality specially optimized for classical music.

Apple said that the best elements of Primephonic would become a part of ‌‌Apple Music‌, providing subscribers with an improved classical music experience.

The company also said it would also launch a new ‌Apple Music‌ app in 2022 dedicated to classical music, combining Primephonic’s user interface and specializations for classical music with ‌‌Apple Music‌‌ and features such as Lossless and Spatial Audio.

The name of the forthcoming dedicated app was not mentioned at the time. However, lines of code discovered by 9to5Google in the ‌Apple Music‌ beta on Android suggest it could be called “Apple Classical,” with the code string referring to the ability to open a compatible track directly in the optimized service.

Apple recently advertised a job for a UX Designer to work on the new standalone music app. According to the job description, the candidate would be expected to “provide UX expertise and new perspectives specifically for Primephonic” in order to help realize a distinct experience for classical music that would include “visual, audial, and haptic” aspects.

While the job listing suggested that the Primephonic brand will persist in some form as part of Apple’s classical offering, it could well exist as a sub-section of the service under an umbrella name, and “Apple Classical” would seem to fit the bill.

Earlier this week, Apple made another music-related financial move by acquiring AI Music, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized soundtracks and adaptive music.


Seems imminent.

I wonder if there’s going to be an additional cost for using the app? I would be surprised.

Presto’s new streaming service.

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March 28th. Coincidentally the same day the new Sonos speakers are projected to ship. (Yes, I ordered an Era 300)

The MacRumors piece answered a few questions I’ve had since this was initially leaked.

If I read correctly, at this time there’s no additional cost for using the app; one just needs to be an Apple Music subscriber.

I canceled my Apple Music account a few months back but I’ll need to reactivate for a month to check out the new service.

I would use the service if I were confident that the search capabilities were good.

Supposedly will support 24/192. (Dunno why airplay is still stuck at 16/44, but then, they don’t pay me the big bucks.)

This is why I love Apple. They increased the Apple subscription fee recently after it was static for years. And then they add this ultimate bonus to it.

24 bit 192 kHz, at no extra charge!

A nice bonus, when CD quality already sounds amazing. With classic the recording quality is more of a concern.
Recording and mastering is as much as a piece of art as composing and playing the music.

Sure, no one likes increase in prices. But then how many actually provide more services fire increase in prices generally?

Recent increase in rates that I subscribe to without any extra service: Netflix, Amazon, HBO, US Postal Service, FedEx, YouTube TV, Gramophone magazine, my dog food subscription company(!), and then of course… Well everything else due to inflation.

If one required that an increase in price requires better services before buying, one would pretty much just have to live off the grid.

(Of course as a classical music fan, I can argue that Apple is providing a great service for the extra price increase with its Classical app. )

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I look forward to the review reports in a couple of weeks.

Yeah me too. I’m keeping my expectations low

Me, too.

Classical is often poorly treated, accompanied by much hype.


Although gotta give kudos to Apple for being the only one(?) to make such a commitment to classical as to provide a while new app and buying a company to do so.

IDAGIO in Berlin are the real beginners for classic music.



True, had their subscription for years. Great catalogue

The app is out. It looks pretty neat. I’m far from an expert though; I never had the time to really learn and understand Classical music. I enjoy listening though.

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I’m the same way. I did notice they have a nine-part primer on Classical music that is intended to help establish a basic foundation. I’m trying to work my way through that via my morning walks.

I find it interesting (disappointing?) that Apple Classical Music it is only being offered for iOS devices.

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I got it too. Not so sure about the look of the app, on my iPad it’s an oversized iPhone layout. If any developer should have a dedicated iPad app it should be Apple! I’ve only played a little with the basic Music app (I got a 6 mo. free trial) and feel the same way, the app just doesn’t look that nice. Functionally it seemed a little off too, but I have to figure out how to get it to my Bridge II before really assessing either one.

Yeah, the app is optimized for iPhone only at this time - the iPad version is supposed to be coming later.


Listening to Yo-Yo Ma Bach Cello Suites. We are having a ball.

Lossless, high, very high quality audio. I have the Janine Jansen Performance of Vivaldi‘s The Four Seasons on CD, compared streaming Apple Music to it.

Pro Apple Music Classic:

  • music details are close or even similar to CD
  • dynamics are impressive
  • soundstage is OK
  • a joy to listen to
  • even though optimized for iPhone, a joy to indulge ourselves into the world of classic music
  • is like regular Apple Music for pop and rock great to explore classic music, and even have a serious repeated listen


  • for information on classic music UI interface should be iPad or notebook format, rather than the iPhone format that requires scrolling and screen changes to access composer and performer information
  • not for exploring smaller artists that make excellent music and have also released a dozen of CD’s, hopefully Apple makes access for artists easier, let’s see.

Overall, I am a happy listener.

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