New McIntosh integrated MA352 just announced

Looks like a higher powered, blue meter version of the MA252. I really do think integrated amps are the future for audiophiles (baby boomers downsizing, Millennials and younger are not buying as much space as their parents). For $6500, looks like you get quite a bit. I know the MA252 got good reviews, I’ll be curious about this new one when it ships in September.

Love the look. Power is decent as well. I too dropped all the separates spilling out from my furniture and have DAC,Integrated and speakers. Very simple and did not pay a much if any sonic penalty imho. It would be great to hear the Mac. See how it does in the field and what pairs nicely with it…

Hey, tone controls are back! Unexpected in this upper (I assume) price range. Ah just read…6k.

I actually may go integrated. I’ll check them out once units get out to consumers and reviewers. The 352 allows output of external amp if ever needed. I’ll have to see what I could get for my bhk Pre on the used market.