McIntosh service/parts frustation, how is PS Audio service?

I’m writing this post because of an ongoing negative experience with getting my McIntosh MA7900 integrated amp serviced. By the time the dust has settled, it will have taken five or six months to get the amp fixed (blown display panel). There are no pandemic-related parts issues involved, just a backup at the local McIntosh authorized repair place, combined with the traditional infuriatingly slow pace of stereo repair. I’m told that part of the holdup is that McIntosh will take “four to six weeks, maybe more” to send the required part. In the meantime I’m making do with an iPhone and earbuds. Because of this situation, I’m seriously considering buying a BHK preamp and M700 monoblocks, and selling the McIntosh. I should be clear that the McIntosh is a superb amp in every way. My frustration with it is the length of repair time, and incidentally the fact that at 75 pounds, I have to hire people to move the it for me whenever that is required (back issues). Lighter components would be a real plus for me.

With all that said, I have question for those who have had experience getting PS Audio components serviced: How long did it take, and did you sent the unit to PS Audio or have it fixed elsewhere? Comments on PS Audio service? I realize that there are many variables involved in repair scenarios. But I’m searching for alternatives to the looney parts shipment difficulties with McIntosh, and the slow speed of stereo repair generally. I presently reside in Athens, Georgia, but years ago when I lived in Northern Virginia stereo repair was also glacial.

I am very aware that anyone with the resources to pursue hi end audio is extraordinarily fortunate, and I don’t mean to whine because my luxury items aren’t available as quickly as I’d like. But I cannot help but wonder: Where are the professionals who know how to turn things around in a reasonable amount of time (presuming parts availability)? Is there a manufacturer with widely available spare parts and the ability to ship them within a few days? Are there such things as service centers that do not have months-long waiting lists just to get an estimate?

Thank you for your patience with reading this post, and for any replies!

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Welcome softlight64,

You can find in this forum lots of members who live in US that are happy with PS Audio customer service (and a small quantity of cases on delay). Read and judge by yourself, thread by thread.
You can have a direct contact with Boulder headquarter, sometimes Paul McGowan itself uses to answer and give suggestion. Sometimes James (The Wize Kid) takes care of issues on this forum within one day. This is a value IMO.

As for my personal experience, I live in Italy, when some issues happened I received within 5 days a new board to substitute a fault one in my BHK Pre or had repaired my Stellar Phono Preamp from a local dealer within 2 weeks (with a component on loan if needed).

I highly recommend PS Audio.

BHK Pre and M1200s amps are in my system since last year and I couldn’t be happier. Not just for customer service merits but for the sound quality they provide.

Good luck!


I have plenty of McIntosh equipment. You can side step waiting in line. Your authorized repair center is pulling your leg about long waits for parts. The company ship in a day or two. When you take in your equipment ask to see the technician who will do repairs. Make it clear how generous a tip you will provide for turn around in x days you wish to wait. My wait at my repair store takes hours or 5 or six days maximum these days. Some of the equipment had not seen service in decades. Money talks. If you accept months it will be months. I have even had my repair technician do mods on my PS audio gear. Yeah the McIntosh customers wait because he is all about making me happy and getting a monetary appreciation now.

PS audio customer service is generally good, but there are some vocal forum postings of those unsatisfied.


Many thanks!

Thanks for your perspective.

I needed PS Audio customer service. During the process things went a little sideways. Paul got involved. Then things were chop-chop. Problems happen, even with service. It happens in every business— large and small. If and when I need or want to replace my M700 or SGCD, I’ll buy PS Audio.

I’ll also say when problems arise, this forum is a great place to ask questions as well. Lots of senior members here with many years of audiophile experience.


Thank you! This is very helpful, as been other replies.

When you have a problem with a piece of PSA hardware, you will be working directly with them, not some ‘authorized local service center’. I have never used an ‘authorized service center’. Because ‘authorized’ or not I don’t trust the technician running the place (not unusual for it to be a seedy looking hole in the wall) to really know the piece he’s working on and to use real OEM parts. That’s just me. I know with certainty if I ever have a problem with my BHK Pre or BHK 250 PSA will have my back 100%.

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Thank you, appreciate your input. The shop I’m using is a good one with great technicians who take time to explain and are very experienced. But they’re overbooked, and of course the McIntosh parts slowness is just awful.

After fifty years of being an audiophile it is my opinion that the only way to maintain one’s sanity regarding repair issues is to have two of everything because EVERYTHING eventually breaks and there’s no telling how long it will take to get repairs. Every business experiences problems with backlogs, employee issues, and parts shortages, so you never know what kind of service experience you’re going to end up having. It can be great the first time and horrendous six months later. I’ve had to send Sony, JL Audio, Decware, Marantz, & Belles gear back to the manufacturer or “authorized service center” in recent memory and 3/5 of the experiences were tediously slow to awful and totally unsatisfactory. My PSA BHK preamp is arriving at PS Audio for repair tomorrow so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly. In the meantime, I’m thankful I have a backup.


Very good points! I wish I could afford a backup for the McIntosh, but I cannot find the tree that grows thousand dollar bills, I think someone moved it. The current version of my McIntosh goes for about 8K. But yeah, you’re right, two of everything would be great just the ticket. I may sell the McIntosh and get PS Audio gear. I have the DSD and Power Plant 12, which I am very impressed by.

Factory authorized service centers are independently owned 98 percent of time. My first experience with my shop took six months. After tipping on future jobs service was immediate. I said I give you this money upfront trusting your repair. Now take me to the fron of line despite piles of hardware waiting diagnosis Response your amps are next on my bench. Call next day final price and factory parts. If your faceplate is glass and need a new one yes that is wait unless in stock.

My neighbor dropped his McIntosh integrated amp down a flight of uncarpeted steps.
It didn’t work after that. He got it back from Mac in 4 weeks with a surprisingly small bill.
You sound enthused about selling yours and buying PS Audio. You should do well; McIntosh hold value exceptionally well.

Excellent story! Many thanks.

Just curious, are you working through a dealer or dealing directly with McIntosh? They (dealer) should at least try to speed up the process. I imagine the amount of “juice” they have with Mac is dependent on how much Mac gear they are getting out the door

Welcome, great people here!


We have a factory authorized service center for McIntosh & other big names nearby and they’re upfront on your initial visit about offering a trip to the “head of the service line” for an extra $60.00 surcharge. $60.00 extra gets a diagnosis within a week, otherwise wait a month.

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I am one of the few who have reported issues with PS Audio gear. Having had or still have Pass, Threshold, conrad-johnson, Audible Illusions, Linn, VPI, Rega, Theta, Decware, I have had no issues with them. I did have issues with my three PS Audio items, each new. PS Audio did perform repairs 4 times on three new components with a fast turn around time, 3-4 weeks in my experience. My concern was with initial response in arranging for repairs, with a delay, resolved by working my way up the PSA management chain via the forum (not my preference). Secondly, out of the box performance, 3 new items each having issues as new. A bit of a crap shoot with their gear ME, and I’m not a gambler. Willing to discuss in private should you desire, just send a long a PM. I tend to agree your McIntosh experience is rather unfortunate and unacceptable. Current market conditions, supply management issues, and employee retention/aging out are certainly not helping matters these days.

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Thank you for your very considerate reply. Things here have just gotten rather busy, perhaps at another date I’ll PM you. In the meantime have an excellent day!

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PS Audio service was excellent in my case, BHK Pre, BHK250 and DSD DAC repair. The only comment I would make is these shouldn’t be happening this often, it seems there’s a problem one way or another with every PS Audio product I owned. I think product design could use some improvements wrt interoperability and reliability, as well as quality control. All are sold now, as I don’t want to risk dealing with more issues after warranty is expired.

So far no issues with my McIntosh MC462: knock on wood. So I can’t really comment.

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Your experience mirrors mine. It is a shame as the PS Audio components show much potential, but my out of the box experience didn’t measure up. I so wanted it to work, ordering a custom made rack for the components, I2S cables, power cords and a stack of SACDs in advance of delivery. There came a point where I had to cut my losses so to speak. It is great to hear others had better experience with the brand, just not my experience.