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I own a complete PS Audio system from amp, pre, DAC, Transport and PowePlant. All I hear on various forums is how wonderful PSA customer service is but I have a completely different opinion. I’ve been calling and leaving messages for a tech question on my P5 for over a week and half and haven’t gotten even a hint of a call back. Every time I call no one is available and asked to leave yet another vmail to their tech guys. And then rewind, repeat.

Great equipment and great value. But customer service? I don’t think it even exists. Or it does, but they could care less.


Could be the pandemic and logistics. Have you emailed them? If you don’t hear back on this form over the weekend, reach out to their CEO, Paul McGowan, directly.

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Multiple emails as well. While I do understand the pandemic may cause delays, this isn’t the first time. In two years I have owned their equipment I’ve never, ever been able to reach their customer service.

Like I said, I have yet to see proof it exists.

Odd. They are typically very responsive.

I suggest emailing Paul directly. He is very willing to assist anyone.

In the meantime, what is your P5 question? Perhaps someone can help.


Completely contrary to my experience with PSA customer service. One thing I would point out is COVID throws a wrench in the works. I know for a fact their staff, gee just like me and my company, is contending with work at home, in plant rules, shuffled schedules, etc. Be patient. We all have to be in our own industries right now.

Following up on what Elk said, if you share what your issue is maybe Elk can direct you to an existing thread. There is a ton of collective experience in this community.

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While I respect your experience and opinion, my experience with CS, as well questions in general, with PS Audio has been absolutely Stellar (pun intended). James, Scott, even Paul, have helped me on many occasions with various questions or concerns and have done so in a VERY expeditious, courteous, and helpful manner. It’s one of the reasons I recommend PSA to my friends and associates.
As mentioned above, with the pandemic hitting everyone hard, email may be the best approach.


This could be the pandemic coupled with vacations. This a popular time for them.

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My M700 was sent back last Monday to PSA. I called TJ, left a voice mail and then called Joey in Customer Service. She got a hold of TJ who called me back and emailed me an RMA# and shipping label. While I was on the phone with him, 3 people were waiting their turn.

It’s COVID-19, man. I know it sucks, but their Customer Service is in my experience, one of if not the best WRT to North American manufactured Audio Equipment.


Your experience is unusual. I’ve tagged people who can help.

@Paul @jamesh

I seem to be outnumbered! Maybe my experience is skewed because of the current COVID-19 situation. I can accept that. But I did have another experience late last year where I also did not get a call back. I’ll be patient a bit more.

I believe all of you have had stellar service experiences. Seems to be consistent with PSA situation.

Thank you, Elk, for your offer to help.

My P5 is still under warranty. I noticed that lightly touching the plug in the rear will shut it off completely. Seems the socket has a loose connection. Mind you, the female end of the cord fits tight into the jack, yet if I simply touch it, the unit shuts off.

Before returning it for service, I wanted to see if this is something I can do by removing the top cover and tightening whatever back there is loose.

Did you check to see the receptacle mounting screw was firmly against the chassis? I had to tighten one of the those not too long ago. I never suffered any kind of failure though. Access was clear from the back panel.

Yes, I did. Seems everything from the outside is fine and tight. Definitely something wrong from the inside.

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This does sound like something you may be able to fix yourself. I would open it up and take a look.

Above is a video on removing the top cover.

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Thanks. I’m pretty good mechanically, but before removing everything I wanted to be sure this would not require soldering, etc. That I’ve never done.

Thank you. I’ll likely disconnect everything tomorrow and give it a try. If I can’t fix it myself I’ll just have to ship it back to PSA.

Have you tried a different cord? Not sure what you mean by tight, but what matters are the contacts inside the connector. I’ve encountered a situation more than once where a mechanically good fit doesn’t mean solid electrical contact. Don’t be so sure the problem is the receptacle. The contacts inside the cord connector could be iffy and it’s difficult to judge that visually. If another cord fixes the problem, could save you time, money and the inconvenience of returning it to Boulder.


What you’re describing happening with PS Customer Service is extremely unusual. I have a complete PS Audio system and every single time I have needed assistance with any of their products they have responded promptly. Please try again…