Measurement is king!

Here you go. Not only can you choose your equipment solely based upon measurements, you can choose your music that way as well.

No pesky listening required!! We live in miraculous times.

Mike in Dayton


Naw no way…Music is king…

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If we take their reviews and DR measuring serious, the vinyl versions of non audiophile modern digital recordings are quite regularly sounding more open and dynamic than the digital ones with measurably bigger dynamic range due to compression on digital side.

This would be a real confession of failure for the digital side. I see this not as extreme with a view on the average ratings in the public dynamic range database.

But interesting. So far I didn’t think about buying the later Sting and Adele stuff on vinyl, but maybe I have to.

Start here. It’s on their list. Listened to it on Sunday evening. With a nice drink.

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It just amused me is all.

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