Medium to regular sized room...what to look for in the JBL area

I’d love to consider the Everest, but it’s both out of my league and probably considerably more than the room would need. Wondering if people could name a few of their favorite JBL speakers to keep an eye out for. Looking for a does all types of music type of speaker. Currently using B&W 804d3s with stereo REL S/812s.

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There’s a Japanese company, Kenrick Sound, that refurbs old JBL models that look stunning. Not sure how they sound, but the work is high quality.


I guess my Studio 590s are not up to those standards.

They look very classy. Nice work. How do they sound?

You mean my 590s or the JBLs in Japan. I think mine are great. But I am new to this hobby. I got them from the Harman store on Madison Ave. I really wish someone who knows how to review speakers would review them. I stream from Tidal and listen to a lot of different music. I use Paul’s Picks as a reference point, and they seem to perform those songs as Paul describes. I have heard Revel book shelfs being driven by Mark Levinson gear, and honestly, I think my 590s do a better job. More full and rich sounding. But the 590s are like the monoliths in 2001 A Space Odyssey, so they should sound full and rich. But, they also play the triangles in the Holly Cole song Train Song. The 590s are driven by the Stellar S300, and I am seriously contemplating the m700s. So, maybe talk me back away from the ledge.

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Do you have a preamp in your system connected to the S300?



I bet they sound great. I would love a nice pair of JBLs.

I started this journey with a Harman Kardon 3700 AVR. I a, using that still as the preamp. All sources come via Apple TV. I tried the Stellar Strata but I could not justify it for playing Tidal over current set up so I just sent it back. My rule with either sound or video is, after a reasonable break in, if I have to squint real hard to see or hear any improvement, it is not worth my money.