Metal Thread

Post your favorite ear-shattering, brain-melting heavy and/or metal tunes in here. Any subgenre (except folk). Old or new!

Turn it up!!



^^^ Talented musicians, those guys!

Just got these. 180g white vinyl. My need to get myself a robe to wear whilst listening.

summoner of cosmic darkness– –Exomancer– –conjurer of astral terror

Evil Melodic Black Metal

New Album

“A nightmarish journey that reveals one chilling, hallucinatory vision after another.”
-No Clean Singing

"[Haiduk] has perfected his own signature style and very few bands are doing this style."

“Sinister, spiralling, atonal and dark, ‘Exomancer’ is going to be an underrated gem from 2018.”
-The Killchain

A couple of classic albums that would make my top 10 desert island list. Assuming the desert island had power and a stereo…




I’ll bite - spinning Lateralus on vinyl tonight. One of my all time favorite albums.






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@Schroedster I just bought this CD to finish off my Tool collection.

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New album april or may 2019 apparently😀

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@FMaximus yeah, I saw a clip of Danny at NAMM and that’s what he said. I just hope the DR isn’t crushed. I’m nervous because the last APC CD is brickwalled.

:smiling_imp: death may be harsh, maybe 50 lashes with a wet bootlace

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Found these guys on Bandcamp

Dave Grohl and friends …



Having a couple of days off to do some fixing around the house but to also find some new sounds. Off to a great start with these guys!

I love Tool. 10,000 days is another all time great.

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Audioslave rocks. I mountainbike with Timmy Cummerford every now and then.

Didn’t know them. I like. Thanks for the recommendation.
Tell Tim he has the best sound. I’m a huge fan.
Have a good ride!

10,000 Days is definitely on my list of all time favorite albums. I came across Sermon - Birth of the Marvellous recently. The album is more or less a one man project created when the (currently anonymous) artist learned of his father’s terminal cancer diagnosis. Instrumentally it’s not the densest or most complex music out there, though lyrically it crafts a tale that can be digested over many listens.

You mentioning 10,000 Days reminded me of it since I tend to buy the theory that the name of that album is a reference to the duration of time Maynard’s mother was paralyzed before she passed.