What are you Spinning now Mk 8 Subthread

I found this an interesting exchange, and took screenshots of the bits to try to assemble it into a thread:

I have a lot of thoughts about this, mainly surrounding the fact that a given band or label’s digital or vinyl release of a given rekkid is what we would consider “up to snuff” (be you a digital or vinyl adherent). Making a good recording in one or the other medium in no way guarantees the other format will be a paragon.

And then there’s the whole subject of whether one or the other format has inherent properties.

Have to make a beer run.

Feel free to weigh in.

I like beer.


Prolly a lot of us can agree on that.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also have to mention before I go, that I still cling to the Notion of The Weekend (not the artist, but the imaginary calendar concept) and so this (for me, in this time zone) is early afternoon on a Sunday, dang it!:fist:t2:

Aha, weekends what a notion! Semi-retired at the moment, but when I was working there was no such thing as weekends or holidays for that matter. On a leash 7x24, had more than my fair share of midnight firefighting. Beer, yes i like beer…wish I had one of these at the moment:

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Tea for me please :slight_smile:

I had always believed that many (especially but not only) early CD releases suffered from record companies digging out inappropriate safety copy tapes from the 70s for CD mastering, sometimes even a safety copy of the post-vinyl-mastering, and/or badly stored tapes, resulting in wildly variable quality.
I also used to own many early CDs mastered at inexplicably low volume (fear of clipping maybe), I sold most of them years ago.
Of course newer (and supposedly more informed) re releases and remasters have been of variable quality also.

Maybe there is something like this but in reverse going on?

A good point; there is plenty of bad source material wholly indifferent to the format to which it is transferred. A bad recording is a bad recording.

“Tea”? I remember when that was shorthand for something else.

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That is still sort of my situation, as the work happens when it happens. I think that is why I cling to the weekday/weekend concept. I also know that the wage-earners that are likely to want something from me are very much unlikely to bug me on Saturday and Sunday👍🏼

Shouldn’t you be on a beer run?

The store is very close. Back already.

A mile drive. Looking at the time stamps - it took a half hour.

Definitely. I was just at the record store today. I saw a modern pressing of Abby Road on sale. I contemplated buying it for about 2 minutes and ended up putting it back. From the hit and miss experience I have had, I’d rather go to a good used record store and buy it there.

How many ya got left… :exploding_head:

This is not a reply to any post in particular, but I’ve had rekkids on one format or the other that I thought - “Wow - the (other format) will be Awesome!” And have had mixed results in either direction.

This is my favorite beer.

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Is that the analog or digital?

I just picked up some digital versions of some of my faves, and I’m frankly scratching my head, as a longtime adherent of the analog versions.:man_shrugging:t2:

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There are 4 used record stores within a 15-minute drive from my house.

Parallels my experience, more than several times I’ve put the new release back only to select a vintage vinyl version. Much easier pre-COVID. I still try to support new releases by smaller jazz oriented groups, especially within the avant-garde wing so to speak. It has become harder to support them in this manner as their release schedule has been disrupted by the ability of the industry to press and release quality vinyl on a schedule. Most fringe artists work on a pre-release payment business model. Unfortunately they are having difficulty in meeting release dates, missing them by 3 months or more. It has become a challenge to keep track of what is on order and what is available for immediate purchase. As such I have placed pre-release acquisitions on hold for the time being. It suck for the artists as well as the consumer.

This is in some way not PC (about which I refuse to take a stand)

Sub-Sub Thread: What are You Drinking Now - and how does that affect What You Are Spinning Now? And Can You Actually Tell?


Yup, and let’s forgo the HotStamper discussion. My experience with early digital in the for of CDs really put me off, for a long time at that. I had a rather large record collection when digital started gaining traction with a solid analog playback system. Since then digital has evolved to he point where for the most part I can enjoy it. Primarily my focus is on the performance and the music. The medium is secondary, until it gets in the way of my enjoyment. Clearly this occurs with vinyl, CD, streaming, or digital downloads. Within a category there is a lot of variation in sonic quality for a myriad of reasons. I found the early marketing of CDs off-putting, and still carry that with me to this day. Clearly a bias, albeit an earned bias.