MiniDSP experience

So for whatever reason I looked up one of these gizmos. My audio geekiness is curious. However, do not like the idea of pushing the signal thru another an analog- digital-analog conversion after my preamp.

Anyone have any experience w one? I had thought of possibly using it to cut off the frequencies to my sub…

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I entertained the idea. They don’t offer a trial, so I tried a dbx VENU360. It seemed to suck out some of the staging, dynamics and balance, so I returned it.

I ran the output from a DSSr. into a miniDSP then out to two M700’s which fed a pair of Bose 901’s. Way better than the Analog EQ’s of old. I understand the technical reason not to but it’s just another way of coloring the sound. Just like you would with Tubes, Transistors, and whatever else is out there. Direct is best, no argument. But some Speakers just need a bit of tweaking when there’s lack of acoustical treatment.

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That’s the perfect reason. I do the same. A simple LPF/L-R @ 48dB/octave worked integrating a pair of LS50 Meta’s with the Bass Section on a pair of KEF 105/3’s.

I have 2 of the DDRC-22D.

One is in use with the 2.1 video rig and the other is sitting idle at the moment.
The installation in the video system was transformational, can’t watch/listen without it.

The other has rolled in and out of the main listening system for several years.
Speaker placement and room treatments produced better results.
In the end filters from Home Audio Fidelity proved to work best.

Very easy to install in a system and set up.
I still haven’t upgraded to the latest Dirac software thats available.

I will be letting the idle DDRC-22D go soon, but without a mic.

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Reading between the lines it sounds as though it’s still too much of a compromise for hq music

Well that is what I was wondering. About compromise… feeding in dsd streams - the DS does it’s thing out to the pre - then at best utilizing their HD version it reconverts back to 192/24 (48/24 w non hd version) to analog.

It looks fun - but may have been better suited to my ‘ex system’ where I was bi-amping my Martin Logan’s without a DS in the chain…

Which ML’s do you have? I have the Expressions

Have MiniDSP SHD Studio between streamer and DAC. In digital domain so no extra AD DA conversions. Has Dirac and I use it to tune system to the room especially lower frequencies. Works great for me. I measure using their microphone then create 4 filter variants to test and choose. Makes big difference.

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Yeah - perhaps as a crossover to a sub, and only on a separate feed to the sub as a lowpass - not as a crossover to the mains. There’s no free lunch.

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I have a second system w ML Odysseys. I now have Maggie’s in my main system

I thought about having it handling for a sub - just as you mentioned. I kind of wonder what value it brings and if this would bring much of an improvement just passing low frequency to sub vs letting the sub handle it…

I very much doubt it would sound better than the sub’s low pass. Might allow more tweakability, but unless you’re having issues integrating it that can’t be solved with placement… :man_shrugging:t2:

seems they would be great for hand rolling a fully active system, whether keepin in digital until the power amps or reconverting to digital after eg an analogue preamp (with the attendant additional quantisation errors that involves - but could you hear them?), certainly good for experimentation :slight_smile:

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I had a pair of those for a number of years, I later went on to a pair of summits and found they suited my room more. In hindsight I found the odyssey’s a bit bass heavy. Summits are more musical in my view.

Yah. I hear you. And if you go on their site - the geek factor kicks in. For 100 or 200 bucks - I can do what? It seems kinda fun


Exactly :slight_smile:

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I also use miniDSP Studio between a source and a DAC for DIrac room correction. A bonus: it works as a wi-fi Roon endpoint, too …

I don’t think it’s a good idea to put a miniDSP after a DAC and do extra AD/DA conversions.

I am strongly looking to pick up two REL T9x subs and a MINIDSP24HD to use as a crossover/EQ/delay/phase adjuster for just the subs; continuing to run the main speakers unadulterated. There are quite a few Youtube videos explaining the optimization procedure using REW (which I have) and sub positioning (which I have some leeway.) The subs have crossover and gain adjustments of course, but being all analog, only a polarity switch, not variable phase adjustment.

Have any of you experimented with a MINIDSP and kept it in a system?

My system is also a 2-channel/HT setup, but audio for HT is certainly less important than 2-channel for me. Fortunately the REL subs have a separate LFE input and I can use the AVR processing on the sub output to optimize the sub sound for HT use.