Misunderstanding how Bridge II works as a streamer

It seems I misunderstood how the PS Audio Bridge II card worked. From all the material I had read I thought the Bridge card would recognize a DLNA music server on the network and stream the contents from the server.

Now, my new understanding is the DLNA music server / streamer has to have the ability to stream to the Bridge II, not something many music servers / streamers can do across the network.

For example, if I was to add a Cambridge Audio CXN V2 to my system, it has to recognize the Bridge II as a device it can stream to across the network, something I don’t think is going to happen. I would have to use a coax or USB interconnect and make a direct connection. Am I correct?

They would using a streaming software. In the case of Bridge II, it’s MConnect Control and MConnect Control HD which are free and work with iOS and Android. MConnect includes internet Radio. Alternatively, Bridge II works as a Roon endpoint and this is how I use it and love it. Roon can work off a personal computer or off a dedicated fanless core.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have almost 2TB of my music on a Popcorn Hour A-500 music server. It shows up on my network as a DLNA server and I can browse and play the music on the A-500 with any device capable of recognizing a DLNA server like another computer, a TV, my Sonos speakers, etc. The A-500 connects to my preamp via coax and plays DSF and most other file formats.

I am not sure what would be the advantage to setting up a Roon engine on a PC and moving all my music to that when I have a perfectly good system that is fully functional. That seems like a lot of work to be able to stream music across my network with a Bridge II when I could just connect my A-500 directly to my PS DAC with a coax interconnect.

What’s your opinion?

The Bridge II does work with DLNA devices for sure. JRiver, and other such devices will see the Bridge and you can connect to it.


Nope, you don’t have to move your music whether you use JRiver, MConnect, or Roon. All you need is a device to run any of these apps. Your files will remain where they are. I would start with free software and free trials. We all went through the learning curve before settling with a preference.

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i guess I just have to look at a different way of playing my music than what I was accustomed to. I purchased the mConnect Player app and see that it recognizes all my DLNA servers including my A-500 and gives me the option of where to “play to”. I don’t have my PS AUdio DAC/Bridge II installed at the moment but I guess this is where it will it will show up as an option.

The A-500 has its own media cataloging software, its own remote control, and a GUI that displays on a TV through HDMI. Instead of using that, it looks like I will be using my iPad or iPhone to stream to the Bridge II using mConnect.

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A while back, I purchased the paid version too, then realised the free versions both the portrait and landscape (HD) are more versatile.
Enjoy the ride and do not stress out if you hit any roadblocks. Eventually, all will work perfectly.


If I remember correctly the A-500 has optical and USB out. If it is physically close enough to your DS you could run either USB or optical outputs from the A-500 directly into the DS. No need for a BII or DLNA.

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Yes it has both. My current plan did not have them close by although that is an option, coax at least. I did trade up to a Bridge II so I’ll have a chance to experiment next week.

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Even as an experiment it would be interesting to see what you think about the USB connection.

Toys, so much fun!


There is no USB out on the A-500. Is that what you had in mind?

Yes, I thought it had a USB out on the back. I looked at one a year or so ago as a solution for a buddy.

It does, a USB host and 3.0 USB slave. I have a SSD connected to the USB host because I am to lazy the upgrade the internal SSD.

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Isn’t that USB to the left of the HDMI?

I assumed that USB port was an output.

It is but it is just for expansion. I have a 1TB SSD connected to that port right now

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It’s good that there’s Coax. Totally worth trying. And can cheaply run a good distance.

It’s a remarkably capable video player. My friend ended up going down the Plex route. At the time I personally would have chosen the A-500.

It’s an amazing little box. I had an A-300 before this. I have an internal 1TB SSD and an external SSD in the USB port on the back. I have not had one problem. I owed a buddy a favor and repayed him by sourcing a used A-500 Pro and setting it up with a 2TB internal drive.

I have my eye on an Cambridge Audio CXN V2 as a replacement combined with a QNAP NAS that I already own.

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The Cambridge looks very nice. I am looking forward to hearing about your journey.


That is correct.

Yesterday I connected my A-500 music server to my Perfect Wave Mk II using a 75 ohm coax cable. The balanced outputs on the PWD connect to the balanced inputs on my McIntosh C48 before being delivered to my McIntosh MC500 amp. I was amazed - the difference was quite undescribable listening to some of my 24/174 kHz tracks.

My brother is an audiophile but can’t understand how going from the internal DAC in my A-500 to an expensive external DAC could make such a difference to justify my claims. I am at a loss for words and difinately not the engineering type. How do you deal with situations like this and explain it? Or do you even bother?