Forgot how to use my Bridge II

Up until a year or more ago I used my DS Sr. with the Bridge II but have since been using the USB input. My configuration back then was JRiver on the household iMac in another room, and an Ethernet cable from the router or iMac (don’t remember which) to the Bridge. Now I have Roon on a music server, a Small Green Computer Sonictransporter i7. The Ethernet cable comes into the music room from the router, goes into a switch, and another Ethernet cable from the switch to the music server. Do I just use a second Ethernet cable from the switch to the Bridge?

The i7 is doing the same thing as the Bridge II card. You just need to determine which one you want to use. If you connect an Ethernet cable to the Bridge II card you could setup a second zone in Roon. Then you can select which zone via Roon you want to listen to music through. My advice is setup the Bridge II in Roon and listen to both. Now if you are into MQA you would need the Bridge II card for that. I don’t believe the i7 does MQA.

Hope this helps

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Thanks Michael that helps. I agree with setting up the Bridge II in Roon as a second zone. Since my Bridge II card has not been used for some time, and is not currently in the DAC, I believe once I reinstall it, will need to be updated to act as a Roon endpoint? I know there is a “How To Update Bridge II” on the PS Audio site.

I guess it would depend on how old your Bridge II card is. If you have to do a firmware upgrade that would be pretty easy. Given that you already own the card I would give it a try. If you put the card in and you don’t like the sound of it, take it back out and sell it. Seems like a win win to me.

I bought my DS Sr. in November, and the Bridge II firmware updated via the internet. I think I just had to click an"update" button on the settings screen.

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It’s working perfectly, sounds great!


I find that listening via the Bridge II is very relaxing. No downside for me.


I found the Bridge II to be less detailed than the G1 in direct comparison. The Bridge II most reminds me of the Lumin D1 I had at one time with the Wolfson chipset. So yes a more relaxing sound and more forgiving of bad recordings. I suspect that is due to the better dual power supplies in the Aries and the same would be true of the Innuous Zen or Zenith.

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