Difference between Bridge I and Bridge II

Hi All! I tried to find answer to my question, but I didn’t find. Is some can explain me what is the difference between the two Bridge?

At this point, the Bridge I is essentially obsolete. There are so few playback software option out there that still work with it that I tell people it’s not really an option anymore. The Bridge II allows for way more options like ROON and other UPNP players. It also supports native DSD (single rate) so that’s a nice selling point as well. It also works with Spotify connect in case you want to keep the system really simple.

fyi, I go way back with PSA and their DACs. Bridge I worked fine with DLNA/UPNP software like Jriver and PSA’s old software elyric. It should work with Audirvana too. However, It did not play gapless! There were a dozen attempts to make it play gapless and they all failed hard. The lack of gapless, and as jamesh mentioned, no roon were Bridge 1’s biggest faults.

Thank you! It is clear now.