Mixing on Gabriel Mervine's Say Somethin' release

There have been so many positive reviews of Gabriel Mervine’s Say Somethin’ release I wonder if I should even post this. I downloaded a copy today and while I’m quite satisfied with the overall quality of the recording, I found the left channel emphasis on tracks, 1, 2, & 6 to be extreme and highly distracting. I got up twice to see if there was something wrong with my right speaker. While people can mix a recording any way they want, I can’t for the life of me understand why these tracks were mixed this way. Thoughts?

Download, SACD/CD or LP?

The SACD and the various files on the data disk did not present with such an imbalance, IIRC.

Now I will have to go back and listen with a new purpose! :wink:

The download was a 44.1 kHz file as I’m still using my beloved EAD DSP-700 DAC and that’s the highest resolution available. The imbalance of these three tracks was bad enough that had I known beforehand, I wouldn’t have purchased it. I’m just curious, as it’s ultimately no big deal. It just seemed really odd to me.

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