Gabriel Mervine (Live at Nocturn)

I was surprised how live and real this DSD256 Octave recording is! The instruments has the density and dynamic contrast of being live. The voices are also so natural sounding. No digital artifacts at all. Huge deep soundstage as my DSD MK2 DAC really excel at portraying! Be sure to turn up the volume on this one and it will really sound live! Beautiful music!! This is one hell of a recording!!


SACD on order…looking forward to this one…


You really gonna love this one. The wavering of his breath and his fingering on the valve of the Cornet is so clear and real you would actually believe he is in your room playing for you. The bass player a little further back and the drum also so dynamic and live! And then her singing, also so sweet and real. The space, ambience, and audience has so much presence, you feel you can get up and walk into it.


Waymanchen11 is absolutely correct with his comments on this album. I downloaded the 256 DSD version and it is absolutely stunning.


You’re going to cost me $$ again!!!
And now that my portable music player plays dsd256 after firmware updates, that’s the one I’ll have to get.


Arrived yesterday…just gettin around to unwrapping and ripping…

Will be listening shortly…

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Please let us know what you think of the SACD when you get a chance. I know the DSD256 file I got is simply the best I have heard from digital recording! The SACD should be just as impressive I assume.

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Well, it’s a good record, performance wise and musically.

I am enjoying the music.

However, like the previous two or three most recent releases on SACD from Octave Records, I detect a certain general muddying in the playback.

It’s just not “clean and snappy”.

If I did not know better, I would say Paul and company had made a fundamental change in their mastering process that has taken things a step backwards in some sort of fundamental way.

The whole record just seems a bit muted.

I wonder if it is just me or have others noted something similar.

Certainly does not impress in the way you described your experience with the 256DSD file…


There must be maybe a problem with the SACD because I just played this recording again and it is everything but muted sounding. All the instruments really comes out with so much clarity and power, I could swear I was listening to it live!. Something weir here indeed! :man_shrugging:

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I may grab a download for comparison purposes.


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Just make sure it’s DSD256. I don’t know about the other downloads.

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I love this album. I got to sit about 6 feet from the musicians at this show and every time I play this music, it takes me right back there. So happy you’re enjoying it!


Nothing muted on my SACD playback.

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big problem for me…bass drum’s loud, overpowering, dead thuds

not close microphone or else there would be some decay to the thud

perhaps microphone was on the flimsy wood stage, resonating excessively during the fast-foot-tamping lead in for some of the songs

as a basist, low notes have primary appeal, but drum thuds, no way. my speaker bass and subwoofer is right on for a range of content, including Gabriel’s first Octave album (mighty fine)

this new one, unusable

found this pic, yes, the microphone on the stage with bass drum

(even heavy-metal double bass drum intensity is not like this album)


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I am listening to album right now and in my system the drums sounds pretty much like what I hear it live, very powerful and tight, and the kick drum has the hit you in the guts impact. The thuds are powerful but not dead by any means. It seems in porportion with the other live sounding instruments, very present in the room. The bass player also sounds very live with tight quick transient snaps, and rich expansive notes into my room. I especially enjoy the rich live blowing of the cornet with such body, texture, and air. This recording is just fabulous sounding in my system.


Thank you

Dove back in…trimmed back woofer amps, -5 (speakers bi-amped)

Matter improved, though now recognizing that there is synergy of the bass drum and string base thumping the stage. perhaps placing the microphone stand off the resonant stage would have been better…less thump, more note


I missed this one being released. . . just ordered a copy. I’m in for every jazz album Octave will release–that’s my audio focus, jazz.


Is there a higher resolution image of the album cover available for this? The one included with the download is pretty small.

Yes! Good ears. At the live show, we talked about the bass drum sound being very present and almost overwhelming in the room at times. My theory is it was a combo of the kick drum head tone (house kit) and the kick drum beater being a bit worn and “thuddy” sounding. Paul actually tamed the sound quite a bit in mixing from what was happening in the room.