Modern smartphone DSD rendering capability

I have a fairly modern LG smartphone, maybe some would say a “high-end” one, in that it’s “slightly below yearly flagship standard but good enough for anything (including audio) ™”

It has a “Hi-Fi” Quad DAC as it’s called, and it renders DSD at least up to 128 (it says DSF, I don’t have over 128 to say if it plays 256 or higher)

What really, in terms of achieved SQ, can such phones achieve with their DACs? Let’s say we’re not driving over 300ohm headphones.

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In terms of computational power, is high-rate DSD easy to render, so as to say, for a DAC chip found in a modern upper class South Korean smartphone?

Is an analogy between a DAC chip’s bit processing capability and a CPU’s computational power in GHz valid at all?
Isn’t a DAC wholly a microprocessor coupled to an output stage? Basically…?