Mop & Broom or power twins?

Having recently moved, I find myself in a house with very grubby power at the end of a trek down a very long driveway. As part of upgrading and self defence, I’m looking at high end power conditioners (naming names? Furman, et al). How do these beasties deal with power sags? They don’t mention using batteries (of the UPS sort) that are prevalent in the PC industry (whence I hail).

Power conditioners of the filter type do not deal with sags. Power regenerators, such as the PS Audio Power Plants, convert the incoming AC to DC and back to regulated AC and also have large banks of capacitors to handle short-term peak demands. I don’t know about the Furman units.

Thanks for responding. It seems that I’ve stumbled into a host of issues…barefooted. From random drug testing of power line RMS to why the lights flicker during the heat setting of the heat pump (not to be confused with “emergency resistor heat”) to who I might be able to sue for selling a property that’s not up to code. Tune in next week…

Good luck