PSA Power Plant Alternatives

Hi all,

Does anyone know of an alternative to a Power Plant? I have a dedicated line available and would like to run my power, pre, DSD DAC and streamer thru it and may 2-3 more low power sources.

Even an 8-way bank with some basic surge protection would probably be ok.

Any ideas?


Are we there yet.

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The Dectet, here.

Thanks @Elk

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What do you mean @missingtime?

ISOTEK would be the main contender I think.

Equi=Core 1800. I’ve had one for over a year.


Why the alternate? Budget? If so, the Audioquest 1200 can’t be beat for about $1K.

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@RonP, not budget, I placed an order for a P12 only for PSA to pull the plug on my dealer the next day, so I’m looking for an alternative.

Buy it from PSA. What have you got to lose ?

Given my dealer spent all their time advising and educating me why should I buy it from PSA and basically tell the dealer that their hard work doesn’t matter and they don’t deserve any commission? That’s not how I roll.


If you need a regenerator, PSA is probably your best choice. However, if your power source is good enough to get by without a regenerator, you might want to look at the Shunyata Venom PS8 power distributor, plus the Defender plug-in power conditioner. I’ve been very happy with my PS8 - it provides a noise-free background while preserving transparency and dynamics in my system.

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@kerosene - how did you sneak a peak at my power distribution… power strips are the new power conditioners… serious dynamic energy… when I want clean fun, I work a set of lithium double As. If I can’t get my P20 on, I’m goin strips blah bling… with a side of SMPS big blocks blah blam… and that’s how I roll…

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When you raised your concerns elsewhere I was referring to Isotek. Power specialists with a wide range of products. The EVO3 conditioner is probably the longest running and most popular product. I suspect PSA trump them in the USA, but they seem to do very well elsewhere.

It does depend on your kit. My own dealer stocked Audioquest conditioners, but dropped them in favour of Shunyata. They still favour Audioquest cables and Transparent for speaker cables. I tried the Shunyata on recommendation/review and was amazed. I was provided with loan cables. The cables and a Venom block were made to order by Shunyata, but I was told to keep the loan items until mine arrived.

I’m using this combo too with my PS Audio equipment. It works great.

… and your house didn’t burn down?

A couple of pics here. Under my desk in my office I use an APS continuous power supply and surge protector ($100 or so) to supply and protect my modem (top left), QNAP (not used for audio) and computer equipment. There are two cables going downstairs, an AQ ethernet cable and the green fibre cable. The fibre is coming out of a TPLink powered by a low noise iFi power supply. The ethernet feed into the TPLink is direct from the modem, not via the GS108 switch, which is not on the signal path. Downstairs the fibre is converted via TPLink again powered by a SOTM battery unit going into the Innuos server, which feeds directly to my audio system (not shown). The Venom and NR cables feed the Innuos and audio system. The Asus router is not on my standard signal path (wired via the Innuos), but when my wife and kids use the system via Spotify or Airplay, it goes wirelessly via the router.

The lack of a regenerator, and I did have one, is simply because I have very good mains and the audio system has a seriously good SMPS. The setup is based on low noise rather than clean power.



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So, what is your dealer recommending as an alternative? Surely they must have something?

So out of curiosity I see what’s available from an (ex)PSA dealer in New York. Lovely product range. Already have PSA alternatives and part of some brands from whom they could get comparable the power products as well. However, I doubt NY is representative as anyone in such a big town would I assume only buy after a demo, rather than having to buy online due to lack of accessible PSA dealers. They have a demo DSD on sale for 4.5k. Last of the discounts!