P Series Power Protection

Out here in the east we’re in the middle of our 4th nor’ easter in about three weeks, ugh! Because of the heavy snow and high winds affecting overhead power lines, we’ve experienced many power outages, ranging from flickering to hours of no power. I am not a big fan of cycling power to any equipment, especially related to my audio electronics, so storms like these I keep my main gear off and use portable devices.
My question(s), do the P series regenerators have any protection from short term outages, like a timer that shuts off power for 5 minutes when the input is cycling? Do they generate enough capacity to filter out short term flickering to provide a smooth output?

Not really much more than milliseconds. Sorry about all the storms! We normally are swamped with snow but not this time. Guess they all headed your way.

And we’ve been baking in early autumn heat - send some of that snow our way!

I’m more or less in the same boat, except here by us it doesn’t have to snow in order to experience power interruptions. I think there may be kids roaming our local power utilities and being allowed to play with the on/off switch [ja ok, ok maybe not that bad :slight_smile: ]

Anyhow a “true online” or I think also called a “pure sine” UPS I believe should do the trick. I’m thinking of getting a 3Kva unit. If the P10’s display can be trusted, my system only draws around 400 watt so 3Kva should be ample. I’m not even remotely interested in running my system for extended periods of time on a UPS … I just want the protection and the few minutes required to shut off my system.