More TAS & PS Audio


So - the latest version of TAS - it has been noted that the Sprout was highlighted favorably … however, digging a little deeper into their digital focus - you will find two reviewers comparing some fine kit to??? Your Directstream and Directstream Jr… They compare the Mytek Manhatten II (5999) to the Jr… and the Mojo Audio Mystique (7555) to the DSD (must have been on Redcloud ) …. Both PS Audio pieces owned by… the reviewers… haha… The Jr. was said to have more ‘tube harmonics’ …. and the DSD had a very nice write up as well really when you get into the results… but only on RedCloud. The Mystique was a ‘split’ decision - basically different ‘flavors’ - with the Mystique being deemed more ‘bright’ …. I read that as ‘more digital’ … but hey…

Really some nice ‘non-reviews’ of the DS Jr/Sr… So dig into the review a bit and you will find it… thx… Tim.