...After DS Sr?

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I was reading in a DS Sr firmware thread that the next firmware update will be the last. While I understand this decision I was just curious what was in store moving forward.

Will previous DS Sr owners have an upgrade path to TSS by way of an upgrade kit?

Are there other DACs on the horizon other than the TSS?

Just curious, no pressure :slight_smile:



A successor DirestStream is on the way.

This thread has a good amount of information in it:


Thanks Elk, I haven’t been watching the forum as closely in the last couple months but I should have searched more.

Happy to help!

The thread is rather fun; wishes and desires, plus information as to what the new DAC will be like.

I expect there will be an upgrade path, but my understanding is the price of the new piece is yet to be settled and the other specifics are undecided.

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Purchased the DAC upgrade path years back. Started down my PS Audio adventure with a cheap used perfectwave DAC off ebay for ~$1,300. I actually enjoyed the perfectwave for a couple years before buying the directstream upgrade kit for $3,000. The ability to seamlessly upgrade right to(in my opinion) one of the best DACs in the world is very compelling. I’d pull the trigger on another kit if they can continue this paradigm.

I went to my audio dealer yesterday, a large store on two levels, and they only list two DACs on their website - the dCS Vivaldi DAC and an Audio Research tube DAC. They sell dozens of speakers, amplifiers, streamers etc., but just two DACs. Another dealer I have used listed only Bricasti and Chord and a load of headphone amplifier/DACs.

Standalone DACs were originally intended to isolate the drive in CD players, the first outboard DAC being from Cambridge Audio in 1985. I had a Marantz CD player than had an optional outboard DAC. Standalone DACs were mainstream, but seem to be falling fast in popularity in favour of digital processors with a streamer and DAC as a minimum, plus other options, such as pre-amp, transport, analogue inputs, and various DSP. The massive disadvantage of separate digital boxes is connectivity issues.

Now that PS Audio is finally about to launch a proprietary streaming product, I live in hope that it will get around to making a proprietary streamer/DAC in one box, with volume control, at both Jnr and Snr level.