Mountain Biking

Don’t you love the I9 Hydras?

I was running Torch hubs on both our Pivots. Sent the rears in for service, and they came back with an upgrade to Hydra.

Lots of hardcore cyclists here. Makes me feel inadequate with my 26" wheels hard tail. he he he.

But the dog doesn’t mind.

Marina Club House.

The Irving Family Chapel.

The Dunes.

Local shop owned by a colorful individual.

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Part of today’s tour…


That looks like some of the riding in my back yard here in Southern Ontario @jazznut. Unfortunately all the local offroad riding destinations are now ordered closed under threat of significant fines.

Fortunately it’s part of. 35km signposted tour through the landscape and forrests, which has quite some parts especially prepared…it partly has quite steep little canyon parts and otherwise mainly single trails. Really great. Tomorrow I’m going to make another easier, more innocent tour of the same length with my wife :wink:

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The first time I used clipless pedals on my mountain bike was when I went riding in Moab Utah, yeah, not smart. Didn’t have them adjusted correctly and ended up crashing spectacularly, while still being attached to my Mt bike. It was quite entertaining for everyone I was riding with.


Not the best choice for an inaugural clipless pedal ride @Gary_M -LOL!

At my shop we typically set-up all clipless MTB beginners with the pedal springs set to minimum and a pair of the optional silver Shimano SH-55 “Multi-Release” cleats in place of the stock cleats. That way a beginner always gets out when they have those initial panic exit moments.

Our trail system is still buried in snow so this is how I keep my girlish figure during the winter months.

Nice RT. I just went for my inaugural spin on the Blue Ridge Parkway here in SW VA. Glorious day so far.


Well, it’s a bike, and you were in the mountains, so we’ll count it. :blush:

Yours is not too shabby either… :grin:

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My Ducati Multistrada GT keeps my bicycles company…

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We did actually go for a ride on our mountain bikes too so not all laziness!

If you’re fans of mountain bike racing, Fayetteville Arkansas is becoming a destination for the sport. They hosted the UCI World Cyclocross championships earlier this year and have this event next week.

As a young 64yr old mountain biker :man_mountain_biking: I find we don’t bounce back as easy as we used to. Now have extra hardware holding my ankle together. 6wks on crutches and in a moon boot. Luckily I’m retired.
Was finishing my ride, coming down a steep track by my house (which I do every ride) and cutting into my driveway when the back wheel slipped out and the result is as they say “history”.



May you have a quick recovery!!

Best wishes


Our thoughts and prayers mate. Get well soon!

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@frank7036 Feeling you buddy, heal up well, it’s always that unexpected last 100 yds to the house for accidents. At 69, still riding 100 mi a week, i switched to a Gravel bike after some mud put me down hard few yrs ago on the big 29er MTB, just sticking to gravel now. Put carbon wheels on the TREK and so much fun, but hit a wet patch last summer that took me out for 4 months with microtears and hematomas. Love to ride, and Houston is biker heaven with 160 miles of paved trails along the water bayous here. You’ll be back out before you know it. :+1: :pray: Out riding with the wife below


Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I’m looking forward to getting the all clear.


@frank7036 Here is UCI World Champ Julian Alaphilipe going over at the Italian gravel classic Strade Bianchi this February, bike totaled, Julian ok, finished the race. Don’t feel too bad… :+1: :v: