We also love Bicycles

In my case I am partial to Orbea. Current stable: Occam LTD, Oiz LTD, Oiz 27.5, Mrazek Boh Custom. Old flames Intense Spider carbon, Ellsworth, etc.

Occam and Oiz

2020 Oiz, 2017 Occam, 2022 Oiz, 2022 Rise, 2022 Oiz 27.5

Podium with one of my brothers

Ripping a wooden feature locally


A serious bike collection and quite a ride.


Road Bikes
Ironman -




KTM Revelator 4000


What the heck is that seatpost on the TT bike?

Selle - Nuevo - better question is the saddle on the Project One Emonda SLR7 - 3D printed. But to answer holes question. It is an offset hole giving you options as to saddle set-back> I just built the Project One Domane SLR7 from frame up for the cycling studio. The bike is mounted on a Wahoo Kickr V6, then is mounted on an MP1 platform. The silver column is an Elite Rizer that I added a 1in thick wood frame mounted on the MP1 platform. The iPad controls the Kickr V6 that in turn controls the arc of the front fork up/dwn. The iPad casts to the 65in FS when training using the Rouvy app. My iPhone casts to the 55in FS where I watch pro racing while training. There is also the Bose surround sound w/ bass module for tunes. The room is also sound proofed w/ 2in X 6in framing and sprayed insulation, roof too… love cranking the tunes while gettin it done

The other 2 bikes next to the P3C are Project One Madone and KTM.


Nice to hear from you. James told me at Axpona that you were a great guest at the factory.

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Had a blast at PS Audio and they were very warm and inviting. He gave me the tour and it was great. James rocks! I was recruiting at CU Boulder for navigation talent. Great school! Only minutes from PS Audio and showed up unannounced and they rolled out the red carpet. Much love for PS Audio!


The truth is out there !

Love my Ellsworth, might even get to ride it some when my hip operation is done


Couldn‘t resist. I treat my bike like my stereo, I put all my time into riding, not cleaning :grin: (but all the parts that matter are well maintained, of course).



Mine look like that very often. Those are the best days!!!

In 1981, my bike was on a magazine cover as the best bicycle in the world, paid $3,200 with tax in NYC. I rode according to thought, not steering per se. 18 pounds. Fresci Supreme. Sold it about 15 years ago to a collector of great vintage bikes. Campagnolo super record everywhere. My first ride upon purchase was memorable, going north on 3rd avenue weaving effortlessly though the driving lanes like I was in a video game. It shocked me. Quite exhilarating.

In the mid 60s, I had a 24-speed Raleigh Grand Sport. While heavy, I routinely rode about 45 mph (according to high school headmaster’s Olds 88 speedometer) and could go up any hill in Pennsylvania that had pavement. I went from Erie to Pittsburgh in 7 hours. Downhill, I exceeded 60 mph and would pass cars sometimes. I didn’t know at the time that competition bike racing existed, though through the fame of my bike I was named the city’s bicycle commissioner and introduced the idea of established bike lanes in 1972. In 1968, a motorcycle accident (brand new Triumph Bonneville…car drove into me, combined closing speed about 80 mph, I went through the front window and out the driver’s side window) mostly ended my long-distance biking. Left knee has few ligaments; in those days surgery was hyper experimental, I learned to live with it.

The Fresci was no where near as fast…but it rode like the breeze.

Have yet to ride a modern marvel.


Awesome bike and stories. Scary incident in the Bonnie. Wow :disappointed:

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A little over 10 years ago my wife hurt her shoulder and wrist in a bicycling accident, and since then has never been able to support her upper body while riding without pretty bad pain. We started looking for recumbents and the owner of Recumbent Bike Riders shop in State College (recently closed, unfortunately) suggested we try tadpole trikes instead of two-wheelers. It was love at first test ride. We started with Catrike Trails, then after about 4 or 5 years traded up to their 5.5.9 model:

(I still ride on two wheels occasionally, but nothing fancy - an entry-level Fisher mountain bike and a Cannondale Synapse road bike.)


Yikes! Thankfully, you survived!
After riding, racing for decades, and after breaking my left femur in 10 places on my first “training ride” trying to tri, I just dawdle around.
And my carbon bikes are gone. Steel is real!
I love the matching Silca pump and Campy.


That sounds painful

It was unpleasant. But that was 23 years ago.

Great idea! Since my knee(s) issue I have turned to the cycling dark side and went with an electric assist bike. Being in Madison, I went with Trek, Specialized also had some strong contenders. For me an electric bike was a counterintuitive purchase, the weight and complexity put me off. That said, I’m happily back in the saddle.


My main bike, Ventum NS1. Absolutely love it! And yes, custom painted… can you tell I like cats?!


Gorgeous. Refreshing to see Campy lately.

Oh how I wish I had photos to share. My first roadster was a custom Proteus frameset (anyone anywhere remember Proteus?) with a full Campy drivetrain, headset, brakes, the works. My brief ‘career’ racing amateur in Sacramento was on that mount. Sadly, all I can share is a webpage devoted to the miscreants behind Proteus in the mid to late 70s.

Proteus (classicrendezvous.com)

Yep, my frame was built per the catalog shown on this site. All Reynolds 531 with traditional lugs. The welds were a work of art. The road feel of this bike was second to none and I’ve since owned the likes of Colnago. Nothing compares to a great steel frame.