Interested in Bikes?

What nice choices there are these days to build a system, I’ve never known a better time.

Gratuitous off-thread image of my bikes, and closer to topic, listening/living space.


brett66 - Thanks for sharing; cool bikes and very cool living space.

James—Although I live in NJ, I work for a Boulder based company. There are often as many bikes as cars in the lot. A friend lives at the top of Lee Hill Rd and he goes down every day and back up every night. ugh!

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In late 90s-00s I would ride ~40 miles in the morning to work and about 20 miles on the way home. Work was only 5 miles away so a had a few nice loops depending on the time of year/weather. I miss the time to contemplate my naval.

Sciatica is a bear. had it bad for many months but went to a chiropractor that did something called “spinal decompression”. it took a few visits but it got better and then went away. I have gone once a month for the last four years to make sure it does not come back. Having scoliosis did not help but this keeps things in pretty good shape.

This morning I did an easy 30 mile loop on my steel bike with 28’s at 60 psi . The hardest part was getting my leg over to start. When I got home, standing up the 12%, .75 mile hill, I was feeling great!
brett66, you’re right. The pedaling and I guess blood flow helped a lot!
Oh–I guess I should say something about the P20. I wish I had a P20.


Guys, it is time to start a bike, sciatica, whatever thread if you just want to chat about non-audio.

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what a grouch. And I DID mention the P20, didn’t I?

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No grouchiness, but this thread has gone completely off-track and is not making its way back. I’ll start a bike thread for you.

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Like music yes, like music reproduction yes, like MTB yes. I was racing state DH until my mid 50yrs. I have raced in XC, Endurance (12, 24hrs). I recreationally ride XC/Trail and ride trail to and from work with some sections at 20deg. Great going down, hard going home after a day in the office (stand up desk). Last week had a simple off where one pedal didn’t release properly. Complete MCL and complete PCL rupture. This is today after knee reconstruction. Rehab is something like 6-12 weeks.

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I made myself a stand up desk before they became so fashionable. Really does keep my back in shape.

I hope you heal up quickly. My last injury of similar magnitude was Sept 15th 5:30pm, 1994. Broke my left lower leg/ankle into 75+ pieces. Recently diagnosed with CLL (20 year avg. life expectancy). Sucks heading West…

Music is a great healer!


What a terrrible diagnosis. Hopefully you have good people in your life to help with everything. Certainly glad you have music. It really is an amazing gift. I wonder about people that don’t let music into their lives. I know a few. It does suck heading West but we’re all facing the same direction…

I’m grateful I have a great support system around me, and two of the research leaders in the CLL field are 20 miles from me.

Enjoy everyday


Ouch!!! Sorry to hear. We all seem to hurt ourselves doing something that’s “good” for us. 18 years ago, I had a low speed crash roughly 20 mph and broke my left femur in 10 places. 9 hour surgery, two plates, 12 screws, four months of no weight bearing allowed, my pt was a stationary bike, which I thought was hilarious. After all, I walk with no limp and ride and you can’t tell. Be vigilant about pt and you’ll come out fine.

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Hey guys,

I am amazed at your recovery abilities and wish you all the best of luck.

I ride a Seven Odonata, now called the 622 s. At 74 yrs, I don’t want any crashes, knock on wood. When I did crash, I would hold my baby up with my legs while sliding down the street. Not anymore. Peace out, Chas

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I’m an avid bike commuter, and I have battled sciatica, too. My riding actually makes it worse, so I do a constant maintenance routine of back stretching. I highly recommend reading “How to Treat Your Own Back” by McKenzie - - it gave me the resources to keep the sciatica at bay (although it was too late to save me for competitive volleyball - - too much landing for the low back to take it!).

I ride a Seven Evergreen since last August, and I am loving it: Gates carbon drive to a Rohloff internal hub - - sweet commuter bike!

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The Evergreen is an awesome ride. I envy your components.

75 pieces , you did that well - Not. Sorry to hear about your latest diagnosis, I hope you have great luck in future developments for treatment.
Yes, music is a great help when laid up. Minor issue for me is the music system/room is on the ground floor and the living areas are on the 1st floor. So I’m getting to know Spotify and Bluetooth headphones.
Take care. Frank