Mountain Biking

My Batmobile


red vs. black RobH :wink:

We should establish a „we also love mountainbiking“ thread!


Ummmm… yeah… but…

Oh, never mind. :smile:. Any bike that gets you out and moving is a great bike. At 63, don’t think I’m not looking long and hard at an E for my next whip.

My only wish is that we had some mountains where I live. My wife and I have to load up the SUV and schlep around the country for good riding.

Where do you ride that Rotwild?

On holidays in the north of Italy (south Tyrol) often, this year it will be Corsica. Normally I ride it in a south German wine region with less big hills. The E-Bike for me is a lot more fun up and downwards with especially a larger radius but the same options of challenging the shape.


Nice picture!

Where I live, the town is 8 feet above sea level. (And with hurricanes, our town can be 4 feet below sea level.)


ELK, could you move the MTB posts to a Mountainbiking thread? We might have a few nice pictures there from time to time…

Of course.

Please let me know if i missed any.


Peak of Monte Roen…then over the Plateaus to the right…then some hard pack…to be continued during the downhill…


Waiting for Spring.

Tuning the auxiliary power supply.


I think this is one of the best hobbies in terms of fun, frequent option to perform it and side effects (landscape). Just as if you can ski or snowboard all day.

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Local Trail.


love it

I like the mushrooms.

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Michigan, @BlueKnight?

We are due for some Marquette/Keenewaw this year.

Here’s my ride. Its a 27.5. New to me for this season. I spent the last 6+ years on a 16in Jamis that I have a special bond with. I like the new bike for the larger wheels which help in the north east rocky terrain but the bars are too wide (will cut them down) and the stem is too short for me. I will miss the agility of the Jamis but expect to be happy on the Yeti after some minor tweaks.


Welcome to the Tribe.

Where do you ride in NJ? (I used to live there.)

Nice bike!

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Rob, I ride mostly in Ringwood State park but also frequent:

Sterling Forest
Jungle Habitat
Graham Hills
Blue Mountain
Sprain Ridge
Camp Gaw

And a few others.

I live close to NY so going over the Tappan Zee is convenient for me.

We also road bike and do annual events like some of the Crit races in the area and the Battenkill in the spring. That one is a hoot.

I prefer the mountain though as the drivers here mostly despise cyclists.


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Northumberland Straight on the Acadian coast of New Brunswick.

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