MQA Support in Aurender Server OS

I just noticed in the latest version of the Aurender Conductor App that there is now an option to purchase (for $50) software that will enable the Aurender operating system to perform the “Core Decoding” of MQA encoded files. In the settings menu there is now an option to “Purchase software update to enable MQA.”

According to the Aurender website, this will enable those streaming Tidal via an Aurender streamer/server to hear MQA files in 88.2 or 96 kHz resolution (thus, not a “full unfiold”). Presumably, the Core Decoding will also occur on MQA encoded files saved to the hard drive or attached NAS devices.

I haven’t bit on this myself, and so I can’t offer an opinion on SQ, but I’m putting the info out there for other Aurender owners who may be unaware of the new feature.