PWD MKII + Macmini & Audirvana Plus 2 + Tidal

Hello guys, this is my first topic and I would like your help to solve a doubt ref the capability of PWD MKII (without Bridge) to play files 24/192 kHz from Tidal through USB.

My system source is macmini + Audirvana Plus 2 (most recent version available) => PWD MKII through USB.

When playing files 25/192 kHz from my computer library (downloaded from HDTracks), the PWD recognize them and play 24/192 (I can see it in the PWD screen), but when streaming files 24/192 or higher from Tidal, the maximum rating achieved at PWD is 24/96.

I already checked several different settings for Tidal without success. Any limitation ref Tidal streaming through USB to PWD ?

I’m not a Tidal user or expert but my understanding is that the Tidal desktop application, which I assume you are using, can only do the first unfold, which only gets you to 24/96. MQA (the company) requires an MQA-enabled DAC to do the second (or third) unfold. The PWD requires a Bridge II to do the second unfold and the DAC itself is not MQA-enabled.

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Thank you Steve !

Yes I’m using Tidal desktop application in my macmini. I didn’t know that Tidal has this limitation streaming from desktops !

I really liked their increasing catalogue offer of files in high definition, but it’s sad that a dedicated network media server/DAC is necessary to get full access to this service.

After Steve’s support I also contacted the Tidal’s member support and got the confirmation about their streaming limitations, copied below:

"…Thank you for contacting TIDAL Member Support.

In order to listen to the MQA format to its fullest extent, your equipment needs to be MQA capable. Otherwise, you will not be getting the full MQA experience but you will still have better quality than HiFi.

If you do not use a DAC at all, the TIDAL client will decode the MQA in 1x unfolding. A DAC which is MQA capable will do 4x MQA unfolding. With the desktop and/or a non-MQA DAC you will get 24bit/88.2 (96) kHz . The stream quality of each album depends on the labels’ engineering of the album. Please ensure that the “passthrough MQA” is not enabled if you do not have an MQA DAC…"