MQA Support once Bridge II is EOL


Lots of poll requests and suggestions . . . I tried to incorporate all of them into the following poll:

POLL: Which of the Following Statements Best Reflects Your Thoughts on MQA?

  • I want my MQA.
  • MQA? Never touch the stuff.
  • MQA is okay, but I prefer the MJQ.
  • MQA took my baby away.

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Wyred4Sound’s EJ Sarmento is interviewed on the latest Audiostream podcast and discusses MQA.


What’s MQA? I don’t care.


Awesome idea, I wonder if the cost of yearly Roon would increase (non-lifetime) and / or Tidal


Bootzilla, I’m a big fan of your polls. But you need to add a fifth answer so you have parallel structure. An answer that reads: No and incremental cost.