MQA with external streamers into DS Dac

Is it possible to have full MQA functionality using a streamer like the Lumin U1 or a server like an Innuos through usb into the DS Snr?
Both firms say they do unfolding and rendering.

No, the Lumin and Innuos only handle the first MQA unfolding…

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To elaborate on @wijber’s answer, the DS Snr only handles MQA unfolding via the Bridge 2 input.

So if you’re using USB, the DS will depend on the streamer to do the unfolding.


Thank you @Schroedster.
Innuos does not seem to be an mqa partner, so I would only get the first unfold by Roon.
But Lumin says they are a decoder and renderer, so plugging the Lumin U1 into the DS Snr through usb gives full mqa?

Lumin is full MQA through the analog outputs only.

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As @dawkinsj mentioned, Lumin’s DAC portion inside the streamer does the unfolding, which means it won’t apply to the digital outputs.

I’d recommend finding some opportunity to test MQA if you haven’t yet (at a dealer or otherwise) - I’ve noticed folks tend to be split on whether or not they like it.

Just my two cents since MQA is potentially influencing a purchase.

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Thank you all for your replies and great information.
I have a Bridge 2 with an old laptop, and a Matrix.
My library in Roon has grown to over 11 000 albums (4 000 from Qobuz and Tidal, the rest on an HDD attached to the pc), and my old Toshiba is now too slow.
I am considering
1/ Nucleus +, with attached HDD storage and Lumin U1
2/ Innuos Zenith 3, with NAS storage

Do any of you have experience with those setups with a big Roon library and how their SQ compares to Bridge 2 and the Matrix ?
Any feedback welcome and appreciated.

No owners of Nucleus, Lumin or Innuos on the forum?

I’ve got a Roon Nucleus + (using SSD) with a linear power supply going into my Bridge II using an AQVox switch (all of it plugged into a P20) and it sounds fantastic. I’ve never used the Innuos or Lumin in my system so the only thing I can compare it with is playing the same recordings using CDs/SACDs on the DMP. On my system and to my ears it is hard to tell them apart. The DMP maybe edges it slightly on bass extension compared to streaming (Tidal/Qobuz) but only on some recordings and you need to compare side by side to notice - the difference really is tiny. On the locally ripped/stored files I can’t tell any difference. I’ve also ordered a Matrix to test with the system but it is currently out of stock so may be a while before I get it.

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Thank you @drarifakhtar, very useful feedback.

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