MSB S202 Stereo Amp

when is a streamer not a transport?

when is a transport not a streamer?

Geez, I just realized I went straight a while back when I should have taken a turn … my way of saying I think we’re off topic.


Well, yes, but, what if it is using USB to link to the DAC?
In that case the “streamer” is just moving bits, but not creating a synchronous stream, that is happening inside the DAC (in the XMOS chip or similar), or maybe in the “DDC”* if you are using a Matrix USB-> coax/I2S box.

…but some streamers are only renderers that can have stuff pushed to them from a server (which some folks call a streamer since it is streaming content to a renderer) and may be controlled by the server, on the renderer (if it has a screen), or a 3rd party app elsewhere on the network.

* only to me, the Matrix is NOT a DDC as it is just converting media and generating the sync stream, whereas (to me) a DDC would also be capable of e.g. changing bit depth, embedded flags (pre-emph, copyright, AES/SPDIF format), maybe sample rate, etc. etc. although the latter is also including an ASRC.

so, er, yeah, I realised the block diagram would just end up stuck in debate hell so I didn’t take it any further.
I know what I mean, and I can usually translate that from what others mean…

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But does the MSB S202 amp stream?

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I dunno, maybe that was the turn I missed!

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Daily report from the holiday’s guy:

Following Donald’s advice I tried the Puritan feeding the PST (and the DAC). I promise, this is my final test guys.

Incredible! Stunning! Extraordinary!

Kidding apart, I’m not able to hear the difference… just a subtle prevalence in blacker background that cleans voices and bring a false perception of openness and clarity but at the expense of the texture and organic structure especially in low frequencies. We are talking about tiny differences but I like more the P20 for the PST for a sense of lifelike realism and a more organic sound. Even though someone could prefer the Puritan for a fraction due to a more revealing and unveiled presentation.

Long story short: so subtle differences don’t matter IME and I keep going through the P20.

No more tests since now on, sorry for my last days boring and repetitive comments,

Back to “what the hell is a streamer” that is more funny!


Unfortunately it doesn’t! But it is able to roll out the dough for tagliatelle, whip cream, make ice cream and make linens perfumed. It also makes crystal glasses shine without using rinse aid. Do you want me to recommend it to your ladies, guys?


One more thing, @dchang05. At this point of my journey I also cannot hear differences between streaming and playing, at least CD 16-44!

It might be the system or better my inexperience, my audiophile ears must grow perhaps!

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That’s a good sign! Our streaming SQ can compare with pST means we’re doing something right!

Big golfing day again🏌🏼


Ok, the Puritan helps the Dac/ preamp. Is there a solution? A single filter. Why many open sockets that you don’t use. Isotek has single filters. Is there something like that from Puritan? Such a part only for the Dac or preamp would be helpful and space-saving.

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In effect I like it only with DAC and AMP, not Pre (that I’m using now exclusively for analog and fed by the P20).

I bought the Puritan 156 for a different reason, when a few months ago I was in trouble with a noisy P15 aimed to feed 2 M1200s and eventually 2 RELs. So 6 outlets seemed to me enough to keep open more future scenarios.

There are other Puritan products but only the 156 sports 52 filer elements, I have no experience with the others so I’m not able to understand how much these elements might make any difference. Anyhow I can suggest it as an add on more than a set of expensive fuse (thinking how I spent during the last years for a lot of Purple, M-1, Master), not a replacement of a P20.


Your conundrum put me in mind of one of my favorite “quips”:

In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart tried to explain "hard-core " pornography, or what is obscene, by saying, “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced… [b]ut I know it when I see it …”


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Maybe Justice Potter was experienced …

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To get a Puritan 156 and just plug in one component does seem like a waste. However, if both PST and DAC can benefit from it then it may be worth it.

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Or DAC and AMPS if you have the chance unlike me. Or DAC and Switch. Or…

You know in this hobby is always a question of “head room” available. Oh forget to mention, it is possible to keep it in vertical (also with a stand mounted option) for saving space. It means seating on the front panel with outlets on the top.

Don’t want to “promote” this product more than necessary, it’s largely dependent from subjective current quality I suppose not only from different systems, I’m just saying that a 30 days trial audition might be worth it, if anyone is already interested…

Anyhow, if I know you well, I guess a P20 is going to knock at your door within the end of the year.

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Well, you do know me too well… :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for curiosity I tried again feeding components between the P20 and the Puritan 156.
Having added to my system CAD Ground stuff and new digital cables, I wanted to be sure nothing has changed.
Well, nothing has changed at all.

The Statement sounds really better plugged into the P20 (along with the PhoenixNET)
The MSB DAC (alone) sounds better plugged into the Puritan.

Due to set up (amplification on a different wall) the MSB S202 needs to stay plugged into the wall socket.

Let’s go ahead!

PS: the MUON2 USB cable is bringing tons of details and the Sablon2020 ethernet cable is making bass as wonderful as never before. Pure joy!
PPS: to complete my network improvements a PSU from Sean Jacobs is expected to be here within 10 days to feed (and hopefully clean) the noisy router.


Are you using the Classic or Ultimate cord with the Puritan? I remembered you mentioned the Ultimate cord is not preferred at one time.

There’s another power condition product called Clarus Duet Power Block that is designed for mono block amps and amps, I don’t know if anyone has experience with it here. I wonder if M1200 would benefit from it.

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You are right, I have both Classic Plus and Ultimate, the former is my preferred one.

Sorry never heard about the above mentioned conditioner.

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Thanks, the Clarus Duet is designed for amps only. For DAC it will not work. When I plugged M1200 directly into wall sockets, the system sounded a bit more dynamic, but the noise floor increased. So, I need to do a bit research to see if it is worth the cost. Of course I also need one more power cord too.

My MK2 APS Mod at JR is finished, and I should get it back by next week. Without it I could not listen to the main system and the days became boring. It shows how important the system is to me, and the money was well spent!

Interestingly Jeff said my unit also has issues also. He found a piece of wire and a machine screw floating around, a metal piece was loose, and the finger needed to be reinserted back to one I2S. I read from other thread that this is a common problem it seems.

Maybe this is why I could not hear much difference with the ground/lift from the I2S input.