Multiwave does nothing?


Although the text in the Waveform icon switches between Sine and Multiwave - the scope output does not change at all anymore. What can be wrong?

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The waveform’s changing, the scope won’t because it is designed to ignore what MultiWave does.

multiwave.pngsine.pngUnfortunately that statement contradicted what I thought I had seen when multiwave was on.

So I asked a P5 owner to check if the scope of the output changes with multiwave on: he simply commented that the shape of the waveform on the scope output was what he used to see if multiwave was on - well perhaps the P5 is designed differently so…

I put an oscilloscope on one of the outputs. Attached are two shots of the output waveform - one with multiwave on. Simply put: they are identical.

What can be wrong?

Did I mention that I my P10 had been recently repaired and apparently the regenerator board swapped? Anyway, I was wondering about the firmware on it and decided to reinstall the 0.41 firmware update.

And low and behold

multiwave-off.pngPic 1: Multiwave off

multiwave-on.png Pic 2: Multiwave on

p10-multiwave-on-1.pngPic 3: Output on the P10

It looks like multiwave is working again.

My next issue is that the P10 claims the output voltage is 231.3/231.4 volts irrespective of whether multiwave is on or off - the manual and the web site claim a voltage regulation of 1V. Is that -0 +1V or ± 0.5V, or even ±1V? Whichever one it is, the display is outside of spec: the output is set to 230V. Using a multimeter on the sine output does deliver a value which may be correct : 229.3V.

Dare I ask: I don’t suppose there is a multiplicator somewhere in the P10 that can be simply adjusted so that the displayed value is correct?

Don’t despair! Ask service: they are very helpful! It is indeed possible to calibrate the displayed voltage values.