Munich High End Show

Do you agree with Herb Reichert that the US-centric view on hifi audio is provincial and out of touch with what’s happening around the world? I find it noteworthy that the Munich show has such pride of place and the attendees are diverse with respect to gender and age.

Curious also that PS Audio chooses not to invest in this expo. I realize that a number of European brands were not at AXPONA, but I wonder what the ROI is on participating in these shows.

I hope to be there one day. Sounds mind blowing. Look forward to hearing reports from those of you who make it this year.

Sounds like a great time!

Thanks for posting this, it’s an interesting read leading up to the show.

A couple years ago, we weren’t going to AXPONA. This year was our second time at AXPONA and we had probably the best room at a show we’ve ever had in the history of the company. So we’re constantly assessing the pros and cons of attending a show and it’s definitely possible we might end up at Munich in the future.

I do agree with Herb’s point about hifi not being in as dire of straits as some might think. The crowd at AXPONA was quite diverse, and we have plenty of people young and old coming to PS for tours. Heck, we’ve got a couple CU students in their 20s that come here so often we’re trying to figure out if we can put them to work :stuck_out_tongue:


“From my friend Vitus” more love Michael Denmark
Launching today at Munich High End.

The wait is over! It is finally here!
Attached you will find the technical specification, connectivity and rough menu structure explanation.
The MSRP is 35.000€ for the “basic” amp without options. The DAC/Streamer and phono modules are estimated
to have an MSRP of 5-7.000€, but the prices will be committed to end June.
The DAC/Streamer module has been designed, and is currently at PCB layout. It is expected to be ready for delivery
together with the first production run of SIA-030 during the first 2 weeks of July (or earlier).
The phono-stage will be going through the final design stage during June, but we cannot commit 100% to it being ready
for shipping early July at this point, however we will do our best.
Be aware that the Stillpoints Ultra SS, which is shown on all the current pictures, and which are mounted on our demo units, is not included in the price. We are currently negotiating with stillpoints for some potential special deals, which we hope to be able to offer – more info to follow.
Best regards
Hans-Ole Vitus
Founder & CTO
AVA Group A/S
If you come to Denmark then there will always be the opportunity to come and visit the factory in Herning

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Thank You, Michael!

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I am invited to visit Vitus in Herning later this year. Then I just make some photos of the new demo rooms. The room is absolutely fantastic. I’ll return


Hans Ole Vitus - Fone Records with Mr. Ricci, master tape presentation @vitus_audio_as atrium 4.2 E208 @highendsociety_de

Here are some photos from the fair. You must be logged on Facebook


Munich 2021 has been cancelled: High End Munich 2021 has been cancelled | What Hi-Fi? :disappointed:

Philipp, what lasts long is good, imagine the products that will be on display if and when the show will come along and how good that Bavarian beer is. It only gets better the longer we have to wait.

Till then, most audio companies are so busy as it seems that most people have diverted traveling budget to their home hobbies such as audio equipment. Most dealers and representatives and manufacturers I have a spoken state the same:
They can hardly keep up with demand.

It looks like the industry does not really need the show to make sales on the short term.

But I sure look forward traveling again. It is sad, but let’s make the best of it and also hope/pray for better times.


Wise words. See you in 2022 then!