Munich Show two interesting new devices

Maybe not new, but updated models

Dirac on a streamer. That looks interesting. And now the GIMM is an all in one unit including a DAC.



Here’s a different looking speaker design.

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Many thanks for posting that. My kinda product, not my kinda price! My Auralic Aries Mini cost £350 and the Aries G3 is now £10,700. Still no SFP input. So no regrets having bought a Lumin T3 a few weeks ago.

Yeah I would like to see these become standard, but its pretty easy adding a media converter in front of it for decent isolation. This is the first high end steamer that really interests me. I love doing room correction in Roon, and this is another option of doing it while streaming before the DAC.

I’ve used fibre and media converters since 2015. The other brand that does SFP is Melco, apparently they are announcing new product at Munich.

I have a Melco S100 switch in my system. I love it. Have not tried their streamer. I think hifipig had a blurb on their new stuff a month or so ago. So you are probably right they are on display in Munich.

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like Tom Hanks’ robot movie, Finch

Looks like a Ducati framed speaker. Fun!


They look like something Oswalds Mill would make.

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Some MU2 info.

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Looks like a revised Gilbert Erector Set… :grinning:

Low waf for sure…

Best wishes


I see it’s going to be in the $20k range. Should be a nice 1 box server / streamer.
That’s about what I paid for my Pink Faun without a DAC.
I thought about trying the complete Grimm system including his speakers but I need to move some stuff on to the next owner first.


I listened quite a bit to the complete Grimm system at Axpona. It was quite enjoyable! One little MU1 and two active speakers. Grimm uses Ethernet cables between the MU1 and the speakers so you can’t even buy speaker cables for the system. Imagine.


I haven’t paid much attention to Grimm’s track record on updates. Since it’s an FPGA DAC, it does interest me. Upgrades along with being a Roon server feeds right into my long term plan of consolidation.


It packed a lot of sound at its price point IMO, a stunner. Thinking Do I prefer chocolate or vanilla when comparing the scaled down MBL system and the Grimm systems at Axpona.


A slightly cheaper version of their recent server.


Apologies if I missed something but is PSA at the Munich show this year?

Exhibitor directory 2023 - HIGH END Society

Rose Audio announced at the Munich Show a pure Streamer, the RS 130, with complete connectivity including I2S and internal SSD for storage before playback.