Auralic Aries G2.1 still nice?

I am using and enjoying an Auralic Aries G2.1 streamer for 3 years now but since I have upgraded my ac cables I notice that my PST sounds better than my Auralic. Is the Aries G2.1 still considered a good streamer?

Of course it is unless you want to spend $6000 on the new model and a disc will likely still sound better. Just do the Hoer-Wege PS upgrade for $500. I did it last month and its a 45 minute job with step by step instructions. No need to pay anyone to do it.


It’s definitely a no brainer! $500 or $600 I’d pay $1k it’s that good! Big improvement over stock!


Plus the kit includes interior case dampening materials that they tell you where to put the pieces based on their testing. All you need are two Torx bits and HD scissors just make sure to take photos of the inside before you remove anything. I thought it made a big improvement.


I just did this to my G2 and the change is quite a big jump. Not subtle like cable changes, or power chord. Really a night and day type of improvement. Not sure how much G2.2 has improved, but will not be far ahead of the older gen Aries.


In addition to a faster processing engine with more memory looks like they completely re-vamped the power supply maybe in response to the Hoer-Wege upgrade. I may or may not give one a try in the new year after my residence consolidation is complete and I like Baldy have weeded out the excess gear. For now the G1 with the Hoer-Wege is doing it’s job just fine.


Happy cake day!

Happy cake day

I will get the upgraded Hoer-wege power supply for my G2.1 hopefully one day. I just emailed Steve in Germany and he will reply back. It should not be too hard finding a technician to install the new power supply.


You seriously don’t need a technician. The instructions are step by step and complete. This is just some screws and a couple of plug-in connectors along with self sticking insulation strips.

It’s about as easy as a DIY gets. Like @dawkinsj says instructions are easy and it’s plug and play. No technician needed. Here are some pics I took of mine. It’s two plugs on the board and the ribbon cable for the display. The torx screws and that’s it.


A friend owned the AURALiC Aries G2.1 and was very happy with it’s performance, so when the new G2.2 was introduced he decided to upgrade. He’s thrilled with it finding across the board improvements. Btw it’s not only the power supply which has been upgraded in the 2.2: “AURALiC has completely redesigned the ARIES G2.2 and G3 products, incorporating over 90% new components to deliver unparalleled performance.

I have an instinct that although a nice improvement with the G2.2 I think that the G2.1 modded with Hoer-Wege power supply will be a classic streamer over the years. My G2.1 sounds good before the upgrade which I will be doing soon. I wait an email reply from Steven at Hoer-Wege

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I get my Hoer-Wege power supply for my Aries G2.1 in a few days. It is already in Canada. I must admit I am nervous to install the new power supply.

I installed the Howe-Wege in my G2.1. You won’t have an issue. Very much worth it. Good luck. I wish I would have installed an SSD inside at same time tho - you may want to do that. I think this new power supply supports an internal drive way better than the original PS.


Both are fairly easy installs but the ssd drive is super simple. Open and plug in.

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I installed the new hoer-wege power supply and the 3 green LED lights up but the display does not work. My Aries is dead. Can anyone help?

sorry, my only suggestion is to reach out to Hoer-Wege.

Check to see if the ribbon connector is on securely after you re-connected it. It may look like it is when it’s not. You haven’t killed it just don’t have the display connected.

I can’t get it to work.I’ve tried. I’m ready to bring it in for repair.