Amazon Unlimited and PS Audio

My reply from Amazon regarding streaming on PS Audio devices:

Hello Michael,

Thank you for contacting Amazon music support.

I understand that you’d like Amazon music to become available on more devices and on upcoming PS Audio devices.

We are always working hard on improving Amazon music services. So, I have taken your feedback as an improvement factor and forwarded it to our Amazon Music team for consideration.

I would like to thank you for writing to us and sharing your interest.

Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve our products and provide better service to our customers.

We hope to see you again soon.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Warmest regards,
Amazon Music

Not holding my breath.


Sounds like politician or lawyer speak to me.


Not much encouragement in that one. But at least you got a response! I asked for instructions on how to connect Amazon to Roon, and if that wasn’t possible, for Amazon to take it that I’d support it being available. No response, no Amazon streaming here…

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That is a fantastic response. I love the bit about “improvement factor”. Next time my wife asks why I haven’t emptied the dishwasher I’ll tell her I’ve taken that onboard as an improvement factor and keep doing what I’m doing.

I subscribe to Amazon HD because it’s built into most of the rooms in my house. I’m pretty sure it works by uPnP and it does “Ultra HD” (the ceiling speakers accept up to 24/192, also have Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and radio onboard). Most of the devices I’ve used have uPnP or Airplay, which is the easiest way to do Amazon to HD, but not Unlimited Ultra HD. Auralic got Amazon onboard from the start.

I have no idea why Amazon is on board so few brands. Whose fault is it? There doesn’t seem to be major technical reasons why not.

Auralic does not now or has it ever had any relationship with Amazon Music services. Just like every other audiophile streamer manufacturer there request for access to the Amazon API has either been ignored or refused.

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Ask Alexa you would probably get a better answer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Apologies, I meant to say Bluesound, I had a Powernode 2i at the time. I used Auralic before that.

I like Alexa. my sound, light and security is Alexa controlled. I just had new kitchen appliances installed yesterday and they are all on Alexa. I get to set them up this weekend.

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Alexa came with my Amazon Fire Cube and occasionally I will ask what the temperature is or how far away someplace is, but that is the extent of our relationship. I should open up to her a little more :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t anthropomorphise my home automation systems. It’s not like the you can ask the woman in your Alexa app out for a date.

I’m sure it’s been done.

I think if you asked Alexa out for a date you’d quickly find yourself on a sex offenders list. I’ll settle for her dimming the lights and playing music. Once I program the ovens, I’ll see if Alexa is any good at cooking, which is also probably a bit sexist.

I was going to start a thread, but maybe I can start here. I like Amazon but it does not partner with anyone really. So I got a trial with Qobuz.

Anyone try transferring music lists from Amazon to Qobuz?

Looks like there are 3rd party apps that may work but wondering if anyone has tried these successfully or used a different method?

Thanks and I apologize for any hijack attempt.