Mutec MC-3+ USB

Many over at CA has benefited from this isolator + reclocker to good effect but most of them are using it with other DACs. Since the DS is less immune to jitter problems, I am not sure if there is any additional benefit or SQ improvements with this device when used with DS. Is anybody using it to good effect ? Interested to know Ted’s opinion as well on this as well.

It apparently converts incoming DSD to PCM and I don’t think it supports 352.8k PCM (e.g. DXD)

Tho in theory with an external clock it could do synchronous sample rate conversion with a USB input, it can’t with S/PDIF, etc… But I didn’t see any distinctions between synchronous and asynchronous sample rate conversion in the description. In fact the description seems to imply asynchronous sample rate conversion. The distinction is important in that ASRC encodes the incoming jitter into small amplitude changes of the audio stream which can’t be undone by a reclocker downstream (e.g. the DS) In effect an ASRC doesn’t get rid of incoming jitter, it just changes it into a different form of distortion which may or may not sound better at the end of the chain.

As to sound quality YMMV in actual use.

Personally I’d look for a device that does just what you need rather than more (and in this case, arguably, less.) E.g. a USB isolator.

On the back of that, Ted -have you tried and would you be comfortable “recommending” an UA Regen + AQ Jitterbug + MacBook Pro combo for the USB input of the DSJ? Is that a good way to go?



I’ve heard the Regen make a difference and the theory sounds good to me. I don’t have any experience with the Jitterbug. I believe the Intona USB High Speed Isolator makes sense as well, tho I haven’t heard one. I’ve heard mixed results about combining the Regen and the Jitterbug. I suspect that these devices may be more cost effective than over the top USB cables.

Awesome thanks. I know that PS A have done a good implementation -no doubt about it- of that input but guess little can be done as there are inherent shortcomings to the USB input itself, making it less attractive than the I2S or the Bridge’s ethernet, but I still would like to keep the alternative of USB via Audirvana +.

Cheers TS